[PS4][1.10] [Gameplay] FOOD and WATER

Update 1.10 can harvest again. Food and Water vanish rapidly compared to previous versions. Cannot keep the still making enough water to survive even when feeding it constantly. Used 5 large meats in less than a day game time. The UV bar is also rapidly increasing and/or decreasing. Constant reminders to cooldown, eat, or drink. THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! I sailed from one island to the next closet one with full rations and water and was getting warnings for both when I landed.

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Hi Stepsinit, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting these issues. The team is aware of issues with both the UV/SPF balance and I have also submitted reports to them on the food and waiting draining quickly. Some players have reported only noticing the food and water draining quickly in a multiplayer game - can you confirm for me if your save is Single Player or Multiplayer?

I have also had reports from players that the raft canopies are not working as intended. If you find other shelters such as huts you have built are also not protecting you from the sun correctly, please let me know.

Multi-player. I have not tried my solo save game because of the issues in the multi-player. I didn’t/don’t want to wreck my saved solo game.

I understand, thank you for confirming Stepsinit.

Another player reported that they noticed their food and water drained quicker if they did not sleep in their save. Do you regularly sleep during your gameplay sessions or have you found any noticeable variation in the way the food and water drops during gameplay?

Hi, I’ve just seen this thread and wanted to add a bit to it rather than opening a new one. I hope you don’t mind @Stepsinit

Since the latest update me and a friend must have put in around 10 hours of gameplay. Playing on a PS5 I feel the gameplay is a lot smoother, my friend on a PS4 agrees that he feels it is smoother also which is fantastic. However regarding the original post, we are in agreement that playing co op everything drops rapidly, it also takes ages for everything to get full again and I have to put a lot of emphasis on the heart.

We travelled after filling everything up, full heart, food, water, and we went across the water on the raft and before we had reached the island we were getting reminders popping up to cool down, eat and drink. By the time we got off the raft, heart was slightly down, but food and water and spf were pretty much empty. Realistically this would not happen and it makes everything so much harder. You shouldn’t have a medium meat and a drink and ten mins later you’re pretty much starving again. Hopefully the devs can look in to this and hopefully more people can add their input to this too.

Thanks @Clare

Thanks for sharing that information @leighdegree - I’ll add this to my report for the team.

Hello Clare, thanks for the reply. We are on it as I type this. Would you be able to add that my friend is still getting disconnects from the games server, not his actual internet, happened crossing the water, and now it happened while on an island. Thanks.

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Hi Clare, this is also an issue, we keep on top of food and water, but the heart goes down really quickly and we either die, or it takes a ridiculous amount of time to regrow

It looks like you are poisoned, that probably explains the hearts at least.

I’ll let the team know @leighdegree

With regards to the image you sent, as @Wesn mentioned your character’s arm does show signs of poisoning. Is this mentioned in the other tabs of your watch?

In the past if you kept food and water full however, you would normally be able to outlast the poison if you didn’t have an antidote. It wouldn’t restore health but it should stop it from dropping further. If you have issues maintaining food and water though, I can see how that would just drop quickly and would still be an issue. I’ll note it for the team as another example of how the difficulty in maintaining food and water can affect it.

If you’ve found that with full food and water the heart still drops rapidly and doesn’t stall the effect of the poison, please let me know as I’d like the team to look into that.

Hi Clare hope you’re well.

Indeed, you and Wesn are correct. It happened again when we played last night and we didn’t know you could press R1 after pressing triangle to go across the watch and see your status and it did indeed list my friend as being poisoned. So I would probably put it down to our lack of knowledge and not a bug.

Only other thing really that I can comment on having played a lot last night and tonight is going back to the disconnects for my friend when travelling across the water, it happened every time we crossed the water using the life raft, the very first one you get when you start the game last night. I managed to build a 4x4 wood raft tonight and he didn’t disconnect once going over the water many times. Unsure if this has anything to do with anything or we just had a good night with no disconnects.

Thanks for that update leighdegree. I’ll change my notes on this and also update the raft disconnect report I have to cover the life raft too.

Hi Clare, we played again last night and we used a giant raft and my friend was disconnected multiple times going over sea. I’m sorry, we must have been lucky on Saturday night.

Thanks for letting me know leighdegree :slight_smile: