[PS4][1.07,1.08,1.09][co-op] Players days not syncing correctly

Whenever me and my friend play online co-op, we are fine for a Few days then our game glitches out and the days on our watches don’t match up for eg mine will say days survived 4 (14 May) and his will say days survived 5 (15 May), then from there we can not see the same items, he will place some down and I can’t see them or he will see yucca or young palms and harvest them but I can’t see them then the next day I can see them but he cant and when i cut them there is nothing there for either of us.
And yes this is after the update for bug fixes version 1.09 in the UK.
Also we keep losing our life raft even when anchor is deployed, last time we spotted it drift off swam after it and anchor was no longer deployed, and the food and water dropping fast glitch is still happening to my friend but not me this time.

P.s this was happening since the co-op came out before the bug fixes and still happening now. And this is on a new game as we wasted so many supplies trying to keep food and water up.
We have tried starting a new save and this seems to happen after saving around 3-5 days in but we only sleep every 2 to 3 days due to trying to get as much done to keep our food and water up. And get plenty of materials to make raft after our raft ends up drifting off.
Unknown as im not main host

Both male characters and set to private game no other settings changed

This seems to happen after one of the times we sleep.

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or console? Yes and it reverts back to day and time of earlier dated character and sometimes loses items or crafted items.
-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down for 2 mins before rebooting? No
-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Please let us know whether it was successful or not.
-Please feel free to provide any other information you feel may be relevant to this issue.
-Images / Links - If you have any images or clips of the issue happening, please include them.

Confirme. Have the same probleme on my ps4

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Same here (xbox) i and my friends items appear between different times or disappear? We are on day 29 and still havent received “survive 20day achievement” for example

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I have achievement “survive 10 day” but, me and my friend dont eat meat and fish. And I dont have achivement`s for this, but my friend have

I already have most achievements as i have played for a long time only had issues since they released co-op

I have the same issue, my clock says day 18 and my hosts clock says 20. We have played together whole time.

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Hi Billsy88,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you confirm for me that when you are playing Multiplayer you are always playing with your friend and that they join your game shortly after you’ve started hosting?

Please also let me know if you ever had another player join your game, even if it was a short while.

How long would you say you’d be into your gameplay session before you notice the desync starting? (both in-game days and real world time) is it over a single session or do you save and return to gameplay at a later stage?

I’ll also inform the team of the life raft drifting away and update my report on food and water with the details you provided. With regards to the anchor on your life raft, does this happen when you desync and have you noticed if there’s a connection between who deploys the anchor and when it drifts away?

To everyone else, thank you for that information, I’ve made a note of your additional details too.

Hi Clare

When playing so far I have been joining my friends game, starting at the same time, we go through the plane crash and get our games going and do not leave the game before we notice, we have left the game and went back in this fixed the date issue but we lost some of our save as it reverted back to my date (earlier date out of both of us) even though he is the host.

We have never had anyone else join the game.

We usually notice the issue shortly after sleeping for the first or second time usually around 3-5 in game days or a couple of hours in real time, but first time we noticed was around day 6 or 7 but this was when there were many bugs in the game and it could of happened a day or 2 before we noticed. We also only noticed this in single sessions. But we have not gone much further than that due to the bugs that we have been encountering we keep starting again after new updates.

The raft issue has happened on several different saves as we keep restarting, and has happened to both of us it does not seem to matter who deploys the anchor. It seams to only start drifting away after sleeping, maybe around the same time as the issue with days being different starts but I can’t be sure as only of those times we actually seen it drift off the other times it happened we did not notice until the raft was already out of sight from our island.

I hope this helps. I will not be returning to the game until there has been more updates.

PS. I have an old save on my system that is over 190 days on single player that I was getting close to the end. Will this be affected by all the updates?
Also a question I have wanted to ask for a very long time. I have been playing so long my game still has tarp in it that I collected when this was still a usable item will it ever be reintroduced to the game?

Hi Billsy88,

Thank you for providing all of that extra information, I shall update my reports for the teams on these issues. I completely understand wanting to wait until more updates are released before playing again.

With regards to your older save, unless explicitly stated by the team, all updates will apply to pre-existing saves.

As for the tarps, they were replaced with cloth for recipes and in new games going forward. This did not remove tarp that had already been generated in an older save. I recall players mentioning this before and I believe what they did was create custom islands to add more cloth to their game as the recipes had changed even if the materials had not. The tarp could be placed on an island that the custom island is replacing and should then remove it from the game. I also recall that anything built using a tarp when broken down refunded tarp instead of cloth.

I hope that helps to answer your questions. If you have any others I will do my best to answer them.

Hi Clare just as an update me and my friend played a bit more we noticed the day and time ends up different after every 2nd time we sleep. First time it happened today we ended up only a few hours difference but this made some items not visible to me that were visible to him. The next time put me a day behind he was the host again.
Also food and drink goes down really fast every couple of days, then we get it under control but next day it runs down fast again seems to do it more if we have not slept the night before.

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Thank you for that update Billsy88 - knowing the pattern should help the team in replicating it on their end so they can find the cause and hopefully a solution to the issue too.

Thanks for also letting me know about the food and water in your game and when you notice it running down. I have a report on this for the team too and I’ll include your comment.

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