PS4 1.06 Raft screen glitch

I made a new play through and noticed a bug. If my raft is tipped on its side if I jump onto it it will try to force my screen to rotate towards what’s upright to the raft I wasn’t able to fix this by reloading.

It’s not a bug it should be like that to feel more realistic

Hi KFCAtWar,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Please elaborate on what you mean by “tipped on it’s side” Is this occurring in the water or the land? If you can provide any screenshots or footage that would be greatly appreciated.

This may be a camera setting for the raft but I will double check it with the team too.

Uploading: video-1605650614.jpg…

Sorry I’ve been having issues uploading a video to this site I’m using an Apple device and it won’t let me use the footage I have i don’t want to risk using external sites to change my mp4 into a jpg just in case of viruses if you can support mp4 on your forums I can send the video no problem!

Unfortunately we aren’t set up for adding video abilities at the moment. Would you be up for emailing our contact(at)beamteamgames(dot)com email? If you let me know you sent it, and what subject you used, I can then retrieve it from the email for the team.

the first two pictures are me jumping in the air

these two pictures I am standing on the side of the raft

I have not tried any other raft base just barrels

Thank you for these, this is perfect, I shall have a chat to the team about this and submit a report with the images you provided included.

thank you have a nice day

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Ooooohhh you mean this, i thought you’re talking about the camera shack when you get to the boat :rofl: