[PS][2121] Multiplayer desync and disconnections

Me and my brother also have issues with multiplayer. Have tried to play the this game in multiplayer since forever and still have the same bugs over and over again. It honestly feels like this game will never be playable…

  1. Every game gets connection issues after 10-60 minutes. It can be whenever and doesnt have a red line. This time we just stod on the same island doing nothing.
  2. The crates from the last loading I (the guest) cant see the items stored in it.
  3. Sometimes the food that is done eating in the host game is not done in the guests.

The connection errors are the deal breaker for me… To be forced to restart the game all the time takes all the joy out of this game and when i re join the host need to unpack ALL creates and put the stuff back again to make me able to see and us it…

We does not play on the same playstation and we are in different cities, but same country. If that matters at all… Lost my hope here to ever play this games story from start to finish.


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Hi @P1r, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re also experiencing issues with multiplayer connections. I’ve moved your post to its own thread so I can ask some questions and also keep all of your information together in one place.

Thank you for providing that initial information in your post. It looks like you are experiencing gameplay desyncs along with disconnects.

Please also let me know:

  • What is your ISP and Router type?
  • Does the issue still occur if you switch who hosts a save?
  • Has this been occurring since the start of your save, or over time as the save becomes more established (more resources gathered, structures built, etc)
  • Are the desyncs an indicator of an incoming disconnect, or do they occur all the time?
  • What is the NAT type of the Host? (this can be found in the console network settings)
  • What region are you using? Have you tried switching regions to see if that helps?

I completely understand how frustrating disconnects can be for players. While I believe the team are working on some of the causes of desync issues, particularly those around crates, any additional information you can provide may help the team in their investigation into disconnects.

Thank you.

[Xbox series x]
We have two consoles (same) both they’dl they’re directly to the cox motom in the same household. Hewer in usa, west coast. We have to restart often as well as items suddenly disappear, created unavailable to interact, or guest randomly has error that tells host client disconnect. Settings all normal, nothing custom. Restart like 10 times in a 4 to 5 hour session. Most recently items just appear in thin air or i guess fall out of boxes when we are sailing so they just float in the ocean… Weird.
We/I still love this game but i will admit it gets rather frustrating. Id say it means like 1/4 atleast of our game time total is just closing and recommencing the game.