Problem attaching Light hook

(Platform-XB1) (Game Version-2136) (Problem-Light Hook) I am having problems with attaching the light hook to my crafted raft can anyone please help me i have no clue if its a game bug itself or just my game. Has anyone else having this happen to you recently? The light hook will go almost anywhere else but my crafted raft. I’m currently playing on XB1 I don’t know if the same problem is on PS4 or PC

The light hook, when placing on a raft, can only go in the middle of a section of the raft, centred like the container/crate storage racks.
It’s a bit finicky, but it is possible to place them.

Hi BaconGaming99, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty placing light hooks on your raft. I see IceBlueDragon58 offered some tips and advice about placing them above (Thank you IceBlueDragon58!), but if you’re still having difficulty placing them, please let me know and I can ask the team to investigate further.

If the issue is persisting for you, a clip of what you’re seeing in game may help us to determine if the behaviour is intended or where a bug may be occuring for you. We unfortunately cannot host video clips on the forums, but if you record a clip and upload it to youtube or onedrive and share the link here, I can pass it onto the team.

Thank you.