[Potential Workaround] Boat Motor

Hi all!

I wanted to let you all know of a potential workaround that may work for the boat motor in the game. In discussing the issue with a player, it was reported that when the player created an entirely new raft and motor, they found the motor worked for them.

I know this is not ideal as some players are affected by bases not breaking down correctly and a new raft can be costly survival wise… but, if you created your save before the last update and found your boat motor only wanted to work in reverse or not at all, please let me know if you try this.

If its a successful workaround, or even just successful for some, I can confirm it with the team and add it to the known issues post. Of course the team are still working on issues reported, but if it can help everyone while they’re waiting that’d be great!


I can confirm this workaround.
I just build a new raft with the boat motor and it works and steers normal.

But it’s no option for us to rebuild our rafts cause we have 2 rafts with 5 x 3 and this cost too much ressources :grin:

Unfortunately it’s not enough to rebuild only the boat motor.

I can confirm this workaround as well. And I agree that the resource cost to build new rafts is rather high as we can not break down our rafts fully if a raft base is connected in more than 1 spot to other raft bases. I dont know about anyone else but my rafts are almost always connected in more than 1 location

Thank you @Marwal and @Loreweaver - I’ll list it as a workaround but still something that needs fixing.