Possible idea for search lights in stranded deep

Hi devs
been playing stranded deep for a few years on n off now but I can’t help but wonder why we can’t mount torch’s on sticks like we can with lanterns.

I think that it would be a nice touch to the game if we could mount a touch and whatever way it is pointed it will cast the light creating a makeshift search light I’ve thought this since day one because I always seem to find loads of torch’s and I pick them all up but never have a use for more than one per save slot.

at the end of the day it’s your game and it’s great but I think it would be a cool feature for all of us hopefully you’ll consider the idea Id like to see it added one-day

Also thanks for fixing the birds colliding with the rafts as they kept flying away with my one I nearly lost it 3 times due to seagulls

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