Port forwarding

I am having trouble with PC co-op and it would really help me to have the ports needed to forward the game through my router. I believe my problem is network related. I play co-op on LAN and it works really well …EXCEPT when I try to push or pull my raft or my partner pushes/pulls his. Massive frame drops and likely disconnection occurs. If we both pull at the same time, I WILL get disconnected. I am totally capable of handling my own network but can’t find the port numbers I need. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

aaaaand, no answer.
This is a pretty basic request so I have no idea why it would be a problem. The ports are available for consoles, just not for PC. Anyway, the problems are ruining my co-op session and it’s too bad. It’s a fun game but it’s bugs preclude the sort of enjoyment it should provide. Without any way to pursue a fix on my own, I will likely not play much longer.

Hi DEDloc,

Apologies for the delay.
I don’t have any official word on this currently, but from analysing traffic on my own PC while playing the game in CO-OP it appears to be using a range of 55100-55300 at least in my case (TCP).

Hope that helps.