Please update multiplayer

Please update multiplayer sync
Can’t not eat anything and drop items and I can work true any thing after 15 - 20 minutes if I join a game

My internet speed is download 1000mbs /500mbs upload
if my wife join a multiplayer and me as host she can’t not eat and use tools please fix it now it not playable
and we playing in Europa and we are from Denmark
and we use the same internet

Hi Black,

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing connection issues. I am currrently collecting data for the team around players with disconnect or desync issues.

Can you confirm for me what brand of router and what service provider you are using and if you’re using wifi or a wired connection?

Thank you

I am using a Sagemcom fast 3890v3
And using a RJ45 cable cat 6

Thank you Black, I’ll pass this onto the relevant team members