Please! Improve the raft's ability to carry larger items

If the built raft can carry several chests containing different materials, why is it difficult to carry a tire, pieces of container or even a dead animal, like a wild boar?

If you put more than one dead boar inside the raft, for example, it might even capsize.

If there is a new update, please try to resolve this issue!

As good and entertaining as this game is, there’s still a number of places where it falls down…

crafting the toolbelt is pointless as everything is still part of your backpack - no extra space is given for using the toolbelt - its only use is for hotkey assignment.

in the real world if you cut a tree down, another will grow in place from seed. in SD once that resource is used thats that… even the coconuts dont spawn as far as im aware…

and as you say, the raft dont like to carry much more than yourself and chests. That said, the boar seems to spawn quite regularly on most islands (sometimes too much) - why you would need to carry them on your raft confuses me…

more importantly collision boxes need a proper service as we get stuck in strange places, there are land sharks and pigs actually do fly… - im just waiting to see the pink elephant… lol

I mentioned the wild boar, just to give the idea that the raft, even being gigantic and capable of carrying several trunks, cannot carry a single wild boar.
Also, if you want to establish yourself on an island, where you will build your main base, it would be good to create a place to store not only loot, but also slaughtered animals.

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