Please allow an “easy” gameplay option where the islands dont try to eventually kill the player

When i first started playing this game on switch, it blew my mind because it was one of the most beautyful and relaxing games i had ever played. But after reading that there is a leaders list for how many days different players had lasted on the islands, and seeing certain aspects in the game get harder, i realized that the game was actually hostile towards the player and that these beautiful islands were actively trying to kill the player. This completely destroyed the beauty of the game for me. I like games like zelda and grand theft auto where you can just wander around on your own time, completing tasks/missions at your own pace. The apparent act of the game trying to funnel you into completing new tasks to survive is just disgustingly unrealistic; for example, eating and drinking coconuts is not going to kill you. This prodding of the player to perform new tasks is unrealistic and really kills the beauty of the game. So i would please ask the developers to make a patch for the switch/console versions that allows an “easy” mode where the world is not so unrealistically hostile to the player. The movie cast away should be the model. Tom hanks didnt have to leave the island. He could have lived into old age on the island without him being slowly and insidiously killed by hostile imaginary forces that do not exist in the real world.


Welcome to the forums Ham_Sandwich, I agree this is a complete relaxing game. I would suggest first playing for awhile. It is very easy to survive on just one island soon as you get a few basic things built and some knowledge of the game. That being said it does get boring at times and is nice to travel to other islands then return later to either add to it or just chill.
Don’t cut palm trees on any island you may want to make home.

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Is it possible to live forever on one island?

I love the island i am on now. It has cliffs in the middle i can climb, it has plenty of shade. I have the water still set up. I have no interest to search for other islands. All i want to do is get stoned and swim around in the shallows under the moon. Also swimming when its raining/overcast is great too. But the sense i get from the “days survived” leaderboard is that no matter what you do the game is going to eventually kill you. I would appreciate it so much if the game wasnt rigged against me. If the developers released a patch to the game that allowed an
“Easy” mode in addition to the current modes which are “normal” and “hard”, i would recommend this game as a stress reliever to everybody i know.

Anybody else feel this way?

It’s a survival game, of course it’s trying to kill you


The game isn’t rigged against you.

It is possible to survive on one single island indefinitely if you just take some precautions.

1 make sure you’re on a large island with plenty of young palm trees and Yucca Trees.
2 have plenty of water stills set up and make sure they’re full of fibrous leaves.
3 have a meat smoker so your meat will last forever.
4 For easy meat farm giant groupers, their is plenty in the water and they have descent respawn.
5 Predict when the Hog, Giant Crabs and night snakes will respawn (7 days), if you need to set wildlife to passive.
6 watch out for things that will poison you, Purple Starfish, Sea Snake, Night Snake, Sea Urchin, Lion Fish
7 save lots, save often.