Please add creative mode

The game is so much fun and has so much potential, creative mode would help the game as well, it would show new players the ropes and veteran players a new mode to relax on.

I’m pretty sure that exist as you can’t die in this game mode

I meant like we could build whatever we want and just relax.

Like in Minecraft where we can build anything we wanted with unlimited supplies?

Yes, I think it would help the game a lot

Having a decent update without items fading away has probably more priority. You’ll get creative mode in 4-5 years =)

You can. Go to the cartograh n make your own island or islands.

What I mean is a mode to were you have unlimited resources and can build whatever

What you want is Dev.console for PS and XB. This would be a game changer for you guys! (Im on PC)

That would not be challenging like it is. This isnt minecraft. In the title i do not think it says minecraft at least the last time i checked. Chech out different seeds.

I think it would be fun if you beat the game