Player 2 disconnecting

My wife and I are having the same issue. She is the host of the game day 29. We are both on the same WIFI. I as the second player continue to get disconnected, it happens so frequent we can’t even play at this point. We can’t get though 10 min of game time before I get disconnected.

Hi Alex2455, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your post and I’m also sorry to hear this is affecting your gameplay too. I moved your post to a new thread as there were a couple of issues mentioned in the original thread and I wanted to focus on your disconnection issues.

Please let me know:

  • What systems are you playing on, if it is two different types, such as PS4 and PS5, please let me know who is hosting.
  • What are the NAT types of both the Host console and Player 2 console.
  • Are you both using “Auto” or a specific region for connecting? Have you ever tried switching the region and if so did that make a difference at all?
  • Do you experience a lot of desync or lag before disconnecting?
  • How established is the save, do you have a lot of loose items on the island you use as a base?
  • Are these disconnects more likely to happen in one location over another?
  • Have you noticed anything in common in the disconnects, such as an action taken by either or you that would result in a disconnect? I understand with the frequency this may not be what causes a disconnect every time but any pattern is good to know.

Both myself and the team completely understand how disheartening and frustrating this issue is for players and any extra information you can share around your experience of this issue would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team in their investigations into disconnect triggers.

Thanks for the reply.

We are both playing on PS4s with NAT Type 2. We have always used auto for the region we tried switching to our closest region USA west and couldn’t connect to the server. Auto is the only way we can play. We saved the game at night with intention of sleeping after the save (due to prior Grey screen crashing different topic). The sleep works then the disconnect happens in the morning. (We have tried playing through the night and I still get disconnected.). We do have a very established island we are working on killing the bosses. I think I get the disconnect most after eating in the morning. But even if we play through the night or I don’t eat the disconnect it’s my far away. We haven’t played in about 10 days now because of this issue but I think we are gonna try again today.

I feel like every time I eat or drink something established in the game to this point is when I get the disconnect. I eat steak in my inventory, drink aloe I get disconnected.

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Hi Alex2455, thank you for that information. Can you confirm for me if the food and drink was prepared by yourself or your wife in the game?
I shall make a note for the team on the morning disconnect as there could be something there they would want to look into.

Edit: sorry I forgot to mention - you could possibly try another region such as USA east or even a EU region to see if that helps at all. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what’s occuring in your save, but it may be worth trying.

Both the consumables were made by my wife. Well the meat was taken off the smoker and put into a crate, then into my inventory.

Thanks for letting me know Alex2455, I’ll make a note of this for the team. I’ve seen something similar before where there may be a desync in items made by the other player. Have you experienced any disconnects when using items you have made too?

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