Platinum Trophy Unlock Bug PS4 2116

Platinum Trophy unlocking for anyone who joins a MP game with anyone who already has the Platinum Trophy



Join MP game with someone who has the Platinum

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or console? Nil
-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down for 2 mins before rebooting? Nil
-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Please let us know whether it was successful or not. Nil
-Please feel free to provide any other information you feel may be relevant to this issue. Nil
-Images / Links - If you have any images or clips of the issue happening, please include them. Nil

Hi Lothaer,

Thanks for reporting this. The team are aware of this issue and have found the cause of it. They’re currently working resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you again.

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Hello, Clare. The “issue” doesn’t need to be resolved by Beam Team Games. The amount of people who only even played Stranded Deep due to earning the trophies in other people’s game is many. The “issue” popularized the game which otherwise was being overlooked. There are more important bugs to be reported and issues to be resolved. The lack of priorities are evident.

I find it very funny that issues like this will be resolved very quickly, but actual bugs like your RAFT just straight out vanishing despawning is not fixed.

Along with piles locking up and not being able to access them unless you reload the game and many more bugs should have priority over a trophy bug lol.

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Hi @andrebraun and @TheRetroManiac, welcome to the forums and thank you for your feedback.

I am sorry for any confusion that my message above has caused. This does not mean that the team is dropping everything to work on this issue alone. There are multiple team members working on various issues at the same time. Due to the nature of issues having potential causes or triggers that require investigation, some can be quicker to resolve than others. As everyone’s gameplay style and path is unique, the more information we have from players about their own experiences can help the team to find common factors and find the source of issues.

If there are any issues you wish to report, please create a new bug report in the Console Bug Report section with as much information as possible and I will get to is asap and pass information onto the team either by adding to reports I’ve already submitted or by creating new reports for issues if the issue reported appears to new.

This issue regarding the platinum will be addressed in the interest of fairness for other players as well as ensuring the trophies are unlocked correctly and as intended on the PlayStation console.

Thank you.

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Hello again, Clare. I wasn’t confused by your reply. The issue is Beam Team Games prioritizing trophies being earned in Stranded Deep by joining a game. They shouldn’t be prioritized if there are no issues with earning them. You should only be addressing serious concerns. If you consider such things as “priority”, I’m concerned with your prioritization.

There’s nothing “unfair” about trophies being earned by joining a game. Every person has access to joining a game. Nor does earning the trophies by joining a game provide unfair advantages to the other people. The priorities or lack thereof is disappointing. You can earn the trophies in Minecraft by joining a game. Microsoft, however, doesn’t complain about any imaginary “unfairness”.

Every person who played and especially completed Stranded Deep shouldn’t support your company anymore. Our complaints are being neglected due to the perceived “unfairness”. Developers should mostly prioritize their games being playable without issues. Any people who reported the bug to you should be ashamed of themselves. It places an unnecessary focus on irrelevancy.

Please do not assign anyone to work on this report. It is not a bug. It is a feature that was requested by the player base years ago and was just recently implemented. The original poster is confused. Sometimes uninformed users can mistake features as a bug because there is a lack of understanding.

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@andrebraun the issue is people joining and automatically getting all trophies the host has even though they weren’t present for the trophies being unlocked.

The second player should get trophies in multiplayer but ONLY if they were present when they were unlocked.

Personally the only way I’d be comfortable letting someone join me just so they can get the platinum is if they paid me for it.

@Tae_Hong I am not uninformed, you just don’t understand what I am saying.

I vote to leave the bug as is.

Let’s be honest here.

There are numerous news outlets covering this bug.
Below is a select few news outlets.

The bug has been present long enough that a critical number of players has brought down the platinum trophy’s reputation from the coveted ultra rare status.
The platinum’s reputation is gone and beyond repair. Now, some even view the platinum as a “shovelware” platinum.

The following are lists from the prestigious trophy tracking website PSNProfiles (used officially by the Guiness Book of World Records to declare record holders) confirms thousands of players achieving the platinum in mere seconds (used 1 host) or hours (used multiple hosts). In fact, I believe there are more platinum achievers after the bug than before the bug.


In my opinion, I believe leaving the bug in is better in the long run.

  1. Removing the bug cannot bring back the platinum trophy’s ultra rare status. Maybe, if it was caught and patched early enough it could have been saved. Now, it is numerically impossible to bring back & sustain such as mathematically unsustainable pyramid schemes.
  1. The bug has given this game free publicity in various the trophy hunting communities which otherwise would not have heard of this game. I learned about this bug from a a trophy tracking wesbite from several fellow trophy hunters. The news was being spread like wildfire about getting players to try out this game. I believe even now more and more new people are being told about this game due to this nice bug. This goodwill can be leveraged for any future sequels or spin-offs.

  2. Removing the bug will unnecssarily place shame and disgrace on thousands of players. There are players who geneuinely did not know about this bug and got hit with it. For example, the very first player who discovered it. It would not be good optics to shame players who were just playing the game and then happened to come upon the bug.

  3. This would alleviate all the bug reports of trophies not unlocking. Think of this the other way. Before the bug, there are a lot of bug reports of trophies not unlocking. Imagine spending months to unlock a single trophy only for the trophy to not unlock. Some have used this bug as a catch-all fix to those previous bugs.

  1. This bug is optional. It can only be triggered by a subset of players hosting a session (I believe it is players who got the trophies without the bug - not players who got the trophies through the bug). The best remedy would be to place a notification when someone tries to join the session. It can be a message stating that the host’s trophies will be shared with the person who wants to join. The person will have the option to continue or look for another session.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.

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For all we know this bug could stem from some other issue and/or have a trickle down effect to some other issue.

Just because a bug has cause a beneficial exploit doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed.

Someone posted a link to this page in our Discord boosting group.
I feel I need to say my piece on this debacle.

Sorry, I don’t mean to intrude if this is a conversation I am not welcome to.

From actual boosting experience, not just anyone can host a session and the people who join will get all the host’s trophies. The person hosting will need to have achieved the trophy the usual way.

I disagree that this bug is a beneficial exploit. It does not give infinite resources. It does not instantly kill the squid, eel, and megalodon. It does not grant immunity from thirst, hunger, etc. All this bug does is allow the host to be kind and generous to other players with trinkets that have nothing to do with the gameplay.

Before the bug, the trinkets may have meant something to a small group of people. A common description would have been a comparison to a contest where males measure a certain part of their anatomy. However, due to the sheer insurmountable volume of players who have experienced this bug the previous perceived value of these trinkets has vanished.

Sure, the bug can be fixed and players can get the platinum trophy back the usual way. However, given the widespread attention of the bug in the media most people will assume the platinum was earned through the bug. Most people will not go through the trouble of investigating if someone used a well-known publicized bug to achieve a platinum or did it the usual way.

Also, just because a bug report has been posted it does not mean it needs immediate attention. This bug does not affect the gameplay in any way. In addition, fixing this small harmless bug can inadvertently introduce bugs that actually do break gameplay. This bug should be placed last on the to-do list or just closed altogether. There are a lot of existing bugs that currently do break gameplay.

I get that the poster may feel that this bug report is their “baby” and will do everything they can to defend it. I’m just hoping this defender position has not given them tunnel vision and can see the bigger picture.

Did you not see the part where I said this bug could be causing other bugs?

Hell, maybe this exploit is the result of some other issue and fixing that may fix this.

Just because a bug is beneficial doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

Someone in our Discord just shared this link. I thought I’d share it here. Congratulations on the increased traffic! I don’t know how Sony compensates for PS Plus games but if it is by player downloads and play time then it could be a nice bonus.
Nevertheless, it is a noteworthy accomplishment to increase traffic through essentially no advertising. Good job!

The “issue” increased the amount of people subscribing to PlayStation Plus by 77%. Stranded Deep was played by more people than Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Last Of Us: Part I, The Last Of Us: Part II, and Astro’s Playroom. Beam Team Games lacks any sense if they don’t recognize the benefit.

People are offering their help without requesting any compensation. You only intend to profit from people by extorting. The extortion which you reference is deplorable.

As previously stated, if you prioritize people joining a game and unlocking the achievements in any game, your priorities are lacking — and the motive is clear.

This particular news item caught my attention from PlayStation Lifestyle while I was catching up on the news.

Your team is not fooling me. A bug that deserves it’s own news article? After doing a search on Google, it appears this “bug” has dozens of news articles dedicated to it.

The circumstances surrounding this bug seems too convenient to be true.
Either your game has been given the strangest luck or this company’s management must think they are very clever.

You might want people to think you “accidentally” released a bug that somehow manages to capture the mainstream media’s attention.

However, I see what you actually did. I think it really is clever.

For anyone reading this and not see it for themselves, here is what I feel really happened.

1: You make your game as readily accessible to as many customers as you can. Your company works with the publisher to add the game to the PS Plus catalogue. Then, you work with Sony to make the game as one of the free monthly games. You know not everyone will try out the game due to competition in the gaming space.

2: You learn from last year’s flood of news about the effortless platinum games on the PS Store. You see that effortless trophies grab headlines and players attention. The downside to this tactic is that the players still need to spend money on the easy platinum games and Sony has recently created policies to stop asset flip games.

3: You know you have a non-asset-flip game that is readily available to mostly everyone on PlayStation. You know you can’t copy the exact formula of the asset flips games because it would be too blatantly obvious what you will be doing. Instead, you concoct the idea of “accidentally” releasing a bug that will unlock trophies - but - will require another player (so it would not look like a “press X for trophies” game).

4: You wait until a good amount of time has passed - most likely a week - a have someone “discover” and report the bug

Once your game is splashed all over the news and the news cycle has moved on, you release a fix to the bug.

In the end, your game gets huge a increase in sales/players/historical media coverage and you look like heroes by fixing a “bug”.

I admit it is clever and it looks like it worked/is working. I doubt your team will openly admit it was the plan all along.

Apologies if this is not the case and this is really a “perfect storm” of good luck.

Is there any news on when the fix will be released?

We are trying to recruit more new members to our discord server and need to know how much time we have left to freely help others with the platinum.

Also, a stats nerd shared with this image with us. I thought you might be interested in knowing. If you can not see the image clearly you may need to click on it to enlarge it.

It shows the number of platinum achievers before and after the bug. July 8 was when the bug was initially posted on PSN Profiles and then propagated through different news outlets. Then, those news outlets was picked up and shared with other news outlets, forums, discords, youtube content creators, etc.

I don’t know if this was a “publicity stunt” like the conspiracy theorist posted above or an accident. It did grab a lot of attention. I remember seeing this game in the top 5 games lists in the trophy tracking websites mentioned in the image when the news came out.

It’s funny that I was the one who reported the trophies being messed up this way, on PSNPROFILES, and now I’m the one suffering with glitches like beating the 3 bosses will not pop for me as I’m playing the game the normal way this sucks lol. I bet this will get patched before things like beating the bosses popping.