Plants don't grow back?

[PS4] Hi, the wild plants don’t grow back for me, the only plants that grow back are the young palms and the yucca plant, is that normal?

That is correct. Fibrous leaves are the only natural renewable resource. Everything else can only be picked once. Surprised me at first too!

But any plant/flower/fruit, with the exception of the coconut, can be planted in a planter box and then farmed repeatedly provided the planter stays watered.

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Hi Firefly - welcome to the forums.

As Turbophreak already confirmed for you above - yes the only renewable resouce on and island is the yucca tree and the palm saplings.

The list of plants, that turbophreak meantioned above, that can be farmed in planters are:
-Yucca (using the fruit that can be harvested from the plant once leaves have been harvested)