Permanent Furniture and flooring

I have a huge hotel like house in the game and I was really disappointed that I could not place piles down or put them on the table.
I understand why though, maybe the devs did not want there to be floating piles if you break the floor or table.
So you know how when you go to craft the ring for the campfire you look at it then craft?
Well I was thinking that you look at the table or floor and then go into crafting menu and you craft an anchor on it so it makes it permanently there.

Ooo, i like this idea, kinda like a finishing varnish we can layer on a build, not only makes it useable for things like piles, but also makes it more difficult to destroy… Perhaps a special removal tool like a “Scraper” to remove this varnish level before the axe can do anything to it…
I don’t want to tell you how many times i’ve gone to split a coconut and ended up falling through my floor. :wink: