People destroying what you made! 😡

Let’s make it a topic on how people come in and destroy your stuff where you have to restart to main menu sucks!!


Don’t come in destroying all that I’ve and other ACUTAL players built! Thanks!!

Hi MeganP_143, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear someone joined your game and caused havok in your save and destoryed your stuff :frowning: I understand this is a very frustrating when other players join your save and do this.

I’ve no problem with players venting furstation on this issue here but I just want to add that if you do so, remember to stick to the rules of the forums when posting, and don’t post any identifiable information for other players such as Gamer Tags - Thanks!

I’ve never played the online setting yet (PS4) but this is the second comment I’ve seen about this thing happening (Reddit). Is there a way to report players who log into your world?

Yeah sure, not that anything will happen to them. I always play online in private, so no randoms just run amuck

I’ve been too scared to open my game to the public because of the potential for this. Maybe it could somehow be made so that people can only destroy their own builds and not interact with those of others? I can see where programming that (I have zero knowledge of such things) could get complicated when wanting to still allow access to certain objects though, like doors, water stills, campfires, etc… Or maybe make it an option for the host to choose whether to share interactions with objects or not.

Personally, I’ve not encountered any destructive people yet (thankfully!). I’m generally the joining player just doing everything I can to further the progress of the host’s game, while balancing survival and resource conservation.

Best of luck in all random multiplayer endeavors, fellow survivors! :slight_smile:

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