[PC] Update from the team, 2021-08-26

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check in with an update, as it’s been a minute! There’s been a lot going on, but all good things :slight_smile:

Some of you may have noticed we recently ran a beta on some platforms for our upcoming co-op feature. This is in the final development stages and will be released soon. We’re super excited to be able to deliver this as we know it’s a much-requested feature.

There’s also been a lot of work on bug fixes and optimization for all platforms, which will be making their way into the live builds soon – A new PC update will be out shortly and the next PS4/XB1 update is also in the pipeline.

As always, thanks for your continued support.

Stay safe!

Stay Alive!

:: Beam Team


How soon is soon, six months, or another year?

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This is awesome news. Great game keep working hard!

Hi I just was wondering is there an ETA on the update for pc? Love the game by the way.