[PC] Update Release Notes

[PC] Version Release Notes

Hi everyone,

The latest update is now available for the PC version of Stranded Deep. This update applies to all PC versions available from Steam, Epic Games and the Microsoft store. Please see the changelog below for a list of fixes and changes included in this update.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Stranded Deep and for reporting any issues you’ve experienced via the PC Bug Report section of the forums. The info you share in bug reports is extremely helpful to the team when tracking down and addressing issues.

:: Stay Alive!
Beam Team



  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing ‘Water Still’ servings to be out-of-sync for host and client.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing bird flocks to not replicate on client correctly.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing time-of-day to appear out of sync for a short moment for player B after player A sleeps.
  • Fixed multiplayer desyncs caused by client construction positions being slightly different to host. This also fixes client interaction with meat at a campfire.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing the weather to be out-of-sync when the client joins a host’s game with weather already assigned for the day and the following day is also a weather day and the 1st day of the month.
  • Fixed weather not reloading state correctly between sessions resulting in long periods without rain.
  • Fixed some animals not being affected by gravity when the player left their proximity.
  • Fixed tool-belt and trophy combos not appearing in the quick-craft menu.
  • Fixed ‘No community content’ text not localized in cartographer.
  • Fixed ‘Broken Bones’ cause of death not showing on game-over screen.
  • Fixed player colliding with raft attachments while holding a ‘Bed’.
  • Fixed player able to interact with objects while using the ‘Spyglass’.
  • Fixed ‘Water Still’ refunding a full ‘Coconut Flask’ if the water still was empty.
  • Fixed ‘Boat Motor’ not using fuel when traveling in reverse direction.
  • Fixed ‘Gyrocopter’ SFX continuing to play after it stopped operating.
  • Fixed client character’s head enabled in intro sequence.
  • Fixed raft base crafting ghosts not snapping to water level in open ocean.
  • Fixed players able to initiate the escape sequence while apart.
  • Fixed carrier map displaying a mission icon in the cartographer after creating a new world.
  • Fixed mission map descriptions not localized.
  • Fixed drowning SFX not stopping when killed.
  • Fixed day-based achievements unlocking in the intro scene.
  • Fixed ‘Call Me Ahab’ not unlocking in some scenarios.
  • Fixed ‘Night Snake’ and ‘Giant Crab’ spawner display names in map editor.
  • Fixed medical items partially highlighting.
  • Fixed raft bases and floors not highlighting when selected.
  • Fixed ‘Potato’ and ‘Rations’ not highlighting.
  • Fixed starting crate display name.
  • Fixed ‘Fish Trap’ appearing deployed when loaded by custom islands.
  • Fixed projectiles attached to an object being destroyed when the object was split by physics forces.
  • Fixed player able to destroy farming plots while plants are growing.
  • Fixed redundant prompts to clear or water showing when a farming plot is empty.
  • Fixed player able to rotate ‘Boat Motor’ when placing.
  • Fixed male voice SFX playing for female character when waking in intro scene.
  • Fixed watch ‘UV’ display not updating for rainy weather.
  • Fixed ‘Spit’ and ‘Fish Trap’ not refunding materials.
  • Fixed ‘Ultra’ graphics preset not changing water quality to ultra.
  • Fixed ‘Caustics’ graphics settings not working.
  • Fixed player stats not decreasing while loading a zone.
  • Fixed missing achievement icon for ‘This Sparks Joy’ achievement.
  • Fixed projectiles attaching to player ragdolls.
  • Fixed physical skill points increasing while floating.
  • Fixed ‘Compass’ position when crouched.
  • Fixed scenario where it could be difficult to retrieve a trapped bird from a ‘Bird Snare’.
  • Fixed SFX playing in the host’s game during the multiplayer join-in-progress loading screen.
  • Fixed character continuing to auto-walk after interacting.
  • Fixed shark ragdolls behaving erratically after being skinned.
  • Fixed localization errors.
  • Fixed combination label text overflow in French.
  • Fixed crafting menu category label text overflow in German.
  • Fixed able to refill campfire when full.
  • Fixed able to change multiplayer lobby settings after canceling dialog.
  • Fixed third-person camera boom avoiding gyrocopter mast.
  • Fixed player able to use inventory while operating vehicles.
  • Fixed ‘Sleeping Bag’ not refunding materials.
  • Fixed end-game stations and VFX state after completing end game and reloading.
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby menu not changing back to original region after failing to join a session by code.
  • Fixed large sea creatures not dying from a melee hit while attacking the player at the same time.
  • Fixed player able to skin animals while in water.
  • Fixed game crashing on Alt+F4 instead of graceful exit.
  • Fixed storage menus remaining open when the player is knocked out.
  • Fixed players unable to interact with storage after being knocked out while storage was opened.
  • Fixed player able to destroy container shelves with crates attached.
  • Fixed parts of the player model appearing transparent while inside a life raft.
  • Fixed no bubble particles when using ‘Airtank’.
  • Fixed furniture missing damage FX.
  • Fixed crosshair overlapping watch.
  • Fixed ‘Lantern’ not casting a shadow.
  • Fixed voice SFX not playing when jumping.
  • Fixed birds clipping through construction walls.
  • Fixed players being able to invoke sleep at same time using different beds.


  • Enabled intro scene for local co-op mode.
  • Changed to allow interacting with ‘Sails’ and ‘Anchors’ while operating a ‘Boat Motor’ or ‘Rudder’.
  • Changed container shelf to show notification on damage.
  • Changed ‘Paddle’ to function as a crude weapon dealing 1 damage to objects.
  • Changed farming plots to retain water when clearing.
  • Removed ‘World’ option from New Game menu.

Hi, when will you release the next big update?

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