[PC] Update Release Notes

[PC] Version Release Notes

Hi everyone,

The latest update for the PC version of Stranded Deep has been released. This update applies to PC versions available from Steam, Epic Games and the Microsoft store. Please check below for details of the Fixes and Changes included within this update.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Stranded Deep to everyone who has reported an issue via the PC Bug Reports section of the forums. The info you share in bug reports is extremely helpful to the team when tracking down and addressing issues.

:: Stay Alive!
Beam Team



  • Fixed Container Shelf, Corrugated Shelf, Corrugated Table, Plank Chair, Plank Table, Plank Shelf, Wood Shelf and Wood Hook not refunding crafting materials when destroyed.
  • Fixed Microsoft build displaying “Game Saved” notification when save failed.
  • Fixed players able to pick up and store ‘Wood Log’ or ‘Palm Bunch’ without separating.
  • Fixed client able to join a game while the host is loading or generating a zone.
  • Fixed environment FX not pausing when opening the pause menu.
  • Fixed character not responding to left mouse button input after switching between projectile weapons immediately after firing.
  • Fixed scenario where player could get stuck in throw animation after throwing a spear.
  • Fixed notification texts not updating platform-specific controller elements when connecting or disconnecting a controller.
  • Fixed incorrect platform-specific controller elements displayed for multiplayer client.
  • Fixed connected controllers not updating in real-time input settings menu.
  • Fixed ‘Cloth’ not highlighting.
  • Fixed ‘Coconut’ not highlighting.
  • Fixed ‘Aloe Vera’ not highlighting.
  • Fixed ‘Ajuga’ not fully highlighting.
  • Fixed ‘Fire Torch’ not highlighting.
  • Fixed thumbnail artifact when dragging and dropping in map editor.
  • Fixed being able to clone an object in map editor after reaching max value.
  • Fixed being able to clone objects outside the map editor boundaries.
  • Fixed being able to save a custom map with no objects.
  • Fixed intro scene objective not showing for multiplayer client.
  • Fixed ‘Gotta Craft ‘Em All’ achievement failing to unlock.
  • Fixed audio level settings not loading on the main menu.
  • Fixed scenario where fruits would spoil while still attached to their tree.
  • Fixed not being able to craft items using multiple item piles.
  • Fixed incorrect climbing animation when the player has a broken leg.
  • Fixed ‘Fuel Still’s jerrycan being empty after using a full ‘Jerrycan’ to craft it.
  • Fixed ‘Fuel Still’ refunding an empty ‘Jerrycan’ after dismantling.
  • Fixed radial health bar not showing for ‘Brick’ roofs.
  • Fixed host and client loading screen text when joining an in-progress game.
  • Fixed player A unable to open a crate if player B moves the crate away.
  • Fixed game getting stuck if the player crafts a wall on or through a shipping container.
  • Fixed game freezing after generating a custom map using minimum Perlin values and then re-generating using maximum Perlin values.
  • Fixed billboards showing when a player builds too far out from the center of an island.
  • Fixed being able to place a ‘Farming Plot’ in mid-air.
  • Fixed being able to fire a ‘Flare Gun’ underwater.
  • Fixed being able to craft a raft piece which collides with another raft.
  • Fixed not being able to rotate a raft piece when placing.
  • Fixed player reverting to dragging an item instead of charging an equipped projectile after skinning an animal killed by a projectile weapon.
  • Fixed crafting using items in inventory before items on ground.
  • Fixed ‘Aloe Plant’ icon shown in inventory.
  • Fixed ‘Lusca’ trophy icon shown in inventory.
  • Fixed ‘Lantern’ icon shown in inventory.
  • Fixed ‘Bat’ icon shown in inventory.
  • Fixed ‘Seagull’ icon shown in inventory.
  • Fixed dead ‘Seagull’ flapping animation playing when removed from backpack.
  • Fixed not being able to open the pause menu while crafting.
  • Fixed ‘Apply’ button appearing interactive when no changes have been made in ‘Change Save Slot’ menu.
  • Fixed ‘Hog’ and ‘Boar’ appearing spoiled.
  • Fixed ‘Refined Spears’ breaking when throwing at ‘Giant Crab’
  • Fixed ‘Spyglass’ FX displaying when dragging an item while holding a spyglass.
  • Fixed ‘Bat’ holding position.
  • Fixed scenario where radial menu would show “Backpack” text instead of display name of selected item.
  • Fixed being able to place crafted ‘Stairs’ clipping through other items.
  • Fixed being able to place crafted items clipping through shipping container walls.
  • Fixed ‘Torch’ light source not appearing lit for player B.
  • Fixed text overflow on end-game save dialog button.
  • Fixed ‘Watch’ not displaying session ‘Statistics’ tab.
  • Fixed multiple issues caused when host and client initiate different boss fights at the same time.
  • Fixed being able to place crafted items while colliding with other terrain objects.
  • Fixed player health not regenerating during sleep.
  • Fixed being able to open inventory and crafting menus while flying a ‘Gyrocopter’.
  • Fixed not able to deconstruct individual raft pieces.
  • Fixed player A’s input unresponsive after opening the pause menu while player B’s crafting menu is open in local co-op.
  • Fixed negative status effects persisting on players after being revived.
  • Fixed player B able to interact with the end-game plane.
  • Fixed ‘Fuel Still’ boiler fuel capacity.
  • Fixed audio FX not playing when interacting with ‘Sail’ and ‘Rudder’.
  • Fixed scenario where spears would fail to reload.
  • Fixed ‘game saved’ notification not showing for player B when player A saves the game.
  • Fixed multiple issues when a player dies while accessing their watch.
  • Fixed ‘Boat Motor’ fuel levels not updating for player B.
  • Fixed ‘Life Raft’ prompt when operating.
  • Fixed ‘Water Still’ not collecting water while the player is sleeping.
  • Fixed fishing ‘Bobber’ showing on ‘Fishing Rod’ after being dropped from inventory.
  • Fixed cartographer tooltip position going off-screen in some scenarios.
  • Fixed scenario where player B could get stuck when using a label maker at the same time as player A.
  • Fixed player B able to sleep while player A is busy.
  • Fixed not able to kill ‘Lion Fish’ with melee weapons.
  • Fixed order of story craftables in the crafting menu not matching their respective trophies in the trophies sub-menu.
  • Fixed boss names missing from respective trophy names in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed quick-craft menu not deselecting.
  • Fixed not able to deconstruct ‘Raft Canopy’ when aiming at wooden supports.
  • Fixed incorrect ‘has been stored’ notification showing when crafting an item when player hands are empty.
  • Fixed removed wildlife tooltip text in New Game menu.
  • Fixed being able to interact with a ‘Sail’ when the raft is overturned.
  • Fixed not being able to deploy an ‘Anchor’ when the raft is overturned.
  • Fixed SPF stat depleting when sleeping on a raft.
  • Fixed multiplayer client able to join the game while the host is using a ‘Shelter’ or ‘Sleeping Bag’.
  • Fixed not being able to open the pause menu during the intro scene.
  • Fixed notification not showing when attempting to destroy a hook with an item attached.
  • Fixed nearby ‘Gyrocopter’ rotors animating when operating a Gyrocopter.
  • Fixed ‘Label maker’ menu overlapping ‘You Died’ screen.
  • Fixed not able to place crafting items when walking away from item piles.
  • Fixed ‘Spyglass’ FX remaining on screen when dying while using a Spyglass.
  • Fixed ‘Sleeping Bag’ appearing unfolded when equipping from inventory for the first time.
  • Fixed ‘Water Still’ consuming incorrect amount of leaves while sleeping.
  • Fixed being able to place ‘Wall’ variants while clipping with other walls.
  • Fixed ‘Airtank’ not showing ‘empty’ prefix after reloading game.
  • Fixed all fish buoyancy when killed.
  • Fixed all fish highlights not matching the model’s animation.
  • Fixed vital bars not showing over ‘Spyglass’ FX.
  • Fixed rotate prompts showing while placing objects that can’t be rotated.
  • Fixed clouds animating while the game is paused.
  • Fixed desktop username being used for multiplayer connection requests.
  • Fixed response shown to client when host refuses connection.
  • Fixed ‘Palm Frond’ holding position.
  • Fixed ‘Attention’ dialogue showing when no language changes have been made in the settings menu.


  • Changed multiplayer room to appear busy only after the host has initiated a boss fight, instead of when in boss zone.
  • Changed all meats to store in the same inventory stack.
  • Added unique inventory icons for cooked, smoked and spoiled meat for easier identification when scrolling through meats in a stack.
  • Improved holding position of ‘Mysterious Box’.
  • Increased ‘Starting Crate’ slot count from 5 to 8 to match the console version.
  • Added buoyancy to ‘Sleeping Bag’.
  • Added buoyancy to ‘Starting Crate’.
  • Changed vehicle operating prompts to be more descriptive when another player is already operating.
  • Changed raft bases to allow rotating 180 degrees while snapped.
  • Changed ‘Consumables’ crafting sub-menu icon to match console.
  • Changed ‘Enter Code’ dialog to not paste clipboard contents.
  • Changed pinned crafting recipe to show available and required material count.

These updates for PC taking longer and longer each time.

This update changed the operation of the raft badly. I cannot run sails or anchor from the rudder. This is terrible please put it back the way it was. I am on Steam PC version and reverted to v1.0.6 because of this and that it broke mods. This was not an update for me.
I am sorry to start with the negative but I didn’t even play it for 5 minutes then restarted thinking it was a glitch. I want to go back to the previous version if there is some way to do that please.

Yes, used to be able to raise and lower sail, or drop my anchor while still attached to the motor or the rudder…

Now I have to let go before doing so.

Please put it back how it was…


Fixed players able to pick up and store ‘Wood Log’ or ‘Palm Bunch’ without separating.

What does this mean? I’m on version (Steam) and I’m still able to pick up palm bunches and wood logs. Is this referring to something else?

Also, in the newly shown statistics tab, what constitutes a scavenged ship? And are the statistics per-player in local co-op mode? Because the second player does not seem to have this tab available, only the host.


The fillable barrels mod, which is awesome, is broken since the latest update.

Really sad that you’re needing to make fixes to a game that hasn’t implemented any new content in…how long? You could play for 6 hours and get the same amount of fulfillment as if you played 60. There’s nothing to do

I LOVE the new update!!! but have one small request. Please fix the rafts operations! I have find it very difficult to navigate scenarios that need quick responses w/ raft operations with the current settings. This change was not noted in your update, and is very frustrating.

Or is there and option to change raft operations in the settings perhaps Just wonderings?


Agreed… disabling raft controls while using seems to be a mistake…

If on rudder (only needs 1 hand), the other hand should be able to operate other controls such as anchor and sail.

Having to let go to do this introduces the possibility of coming off the raft and watching it sail off inro the sunset.

Jist seems a tad unfair…

Hi Devs. Firstly (apart from the ending) I really like this game, visually stunning. I could be on the beach listening to the peaceful surrounding for hours, but (always a but) do you have any plans to add more content to the game, maybe make exploring the Island more rewarding with different things to find and collect, and base building could be taken to a whole new level so you could make it like a home.

I’ll admit I was disappointed with the ending so on my next play through I want to stay on one of the island and build a nice base on it as well as having a reason to go out and explore and dive on the wrecks that are there. Everything is a bit samey at the moment and if truthful there is no real reason to replay as there isn’t really much to do, and certainly not much variety.

I think that will just give the game new purpose and make it massively replayable