[PC] Update 0.90.08 Patch Notes

Hi Everyone,

Patch 0.90.08 is rolling out today for PC. This patch fixes two issues brought to our attention by the community.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the crafting of brick scrap
  • Fixed an issue that caused a loss of interactions in local co-op

Known Issues

  • The order of items stored in storage can be replicated out-of-sync when the client joins an in-progress game. For e.g.: it’s possible for the client to see a Rock in their inventory and drop it, but a different item will be seen and dropped for the host. If you experience this issue, we recommend quitting and re-joining in the lobby for now.
  • Depending on the regional server load, sometimes joining an older session by code will not work.

Thank you as always to everyone for your continued support as we continue to work on issues and other issues reported to us by the community.

-Beam Team


Stilling have the same issues when trying to play with a friend, sync save/world stuck at zero. please help.

this forum is no help. waste of time

I would love to play this game again, soon. I play on normal mode with passive wildlife, and they are no longer passive at all, so I gave up WEEKS ago until this is fixed. I have reported the bug, as has a lot of other players, right after the patch before this latest one, and we still wait for a fix. Please fix this very soon, as I really want to play again. I already restarted my save to see if that worked, and it didn’t. So, I started over for nothing and all that work is down the drain. Please fix, soon. Thank you so much.

Hey same. But there is a work around that seems to be working for me mostly. Passive creatures never works when you first load in to freshly started up game save, but immediately quit to the menu (not desktop) and then go back in and then it works for me. Hopefully for you too.