[PC] Update 0.90.04 Patch Notes


Thanks so much to everyone who has been a part of Stranded Deep’s online co-op launch. We’ve really enjoyed watching the new content from creators and the community feedback on the forums has been invaluable.

Starting from today (2021/11/22), patch 0.90.04 is rolling out on PC . The big focus for this patch has been fixing connectivity issues and issues reported by the community. Several important issues have been fixed which will significantly reduce the number of desyncs and disconnects and improve overall stability. We have a few known issues, mostly related to the ‘join-in-progress’ feature. If you experience desyncs, we recommend quitting and re-joining in the lobby for now while we work to
fix the remaining issues.

– Beam Team

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game crash caused by player destroying a ‘Raft Base’ while standing on it.
  • Fixed disconnects caused by client joining games with mismatching game version.
  • Fixed disconnects caused by client joining an in-progress game and receiving expired session messages.
  • Fixed disconnects caused by stored items being visible for clients to pick up after joining an in-progress game. Picking up these items could cause a disconnect.
  • Fixed game time desync while sleeping.
  • Fixed new day event not being raised caused by floating precision error in sleeping sequence.
  • Fixed desyncs caused by client owning skinned meat and leather.
  • Fixed desyncs caused by players being able to pick up objects while being skinned.
  • Fixed desyncs caused by host and client able to operate ‘Gyrocopter’ simultaneously.
  • Fixed clients getting stuck at ‘Joining Session’ prompt while connecting to host’s session after reconnecting the internet at ‘Join Game’ screen.
  • Fixed active session failing to be visible to client in ‘Join Game’ window when the client force quits the game before host accepts the joining request.
  • Fixed client unable to see host’s session when reconnecting the internet after disconnecting it on loading screen while proceeding into the gameplay.
  • Fixed clients able to spam the host by sending multiple ‘Connection Request’ when host declines the request in the gameplay.
  • Fixed spelling error in ‘Connection Request’ prompt.
  • Fixed ‘Enter Code’ input field deselecting.
  • Fixed ‘-NL’ text showing after ‘Enter Code’ in the ‘Join Game’ sub-menu.
  • Fixed ‘Creative’ difficulty mode failing to apply for client.
  • Fixed client saves failing to load in ‘Creative’ mode on re-joining sessions.
  • Fixed host and client able to use single set of resources to craft the same item.
  • Fixed client’s dropped items being duplicated into the backpack on re-joining the same session again after exiting.
  • Fixed host unable to access ‘Starting Crate’ or ‘Wooden Crate’ when client disconnects from the network while accessing the crate.
  • Fixed ‘Not enough room in Inventory!’ notification and audio sfx when highlighting an item when backpack storage is full.
  • Fixed player able to level up ‘Cooking’ statistic while knocked out near a ‘Camp Fire’ when the other player is cooking meat.
  • Fixed ‘Smoker’ logic running twice resulting in faster smoking.
  • Fixed attached meat not following ‘Camp Fire’ as fuel depletes.
  • Fixed SFX when adding ‘Palm Fronds’ to ‘Camp Fire’.
  • Fixed ‘Fire Pit’ showing as available resource while being used for a different crafting recipe.
  • Fixed player unable to craft placeable items from item ‘Piles’.
  • Fixed ‘Fire Torch’ missing crafting silhouette when placing.
  • Fixed ‘Light Hook’ not refunding materials when destroyed.
  • Fixed ‘Life Raft’ continuing to move when player gets knocked out while operating it.
  • Fixed player sprint bar depleting when operating a ‘Life Raft’ while sprinting.
  • Fixed player able to operate ‘Life Raft’ on its side/vertical.
  • Fixed prompt to ride along in ‘Life Raft’ showing when player in water.
  • Fixed ‘Container Shelves’ not attaching to rafts.
  • Fixed being able to place raft ‘Rudder’ in opposite orientation.
  • Fixed player unable to interact with environmental objects when dragging the crude spear after impaling a coconut with it.
  • Fixed client seeing host clipping into the ground when host returns to the island after spending at least 1 minute underwater in ‘Creative’ mode.
  • Fixed player clipping with ‘Loom’ and ‘Gyrocopter’ models.
  • Fixed item disappearing when player drops an item while climbing a tree.
  • Fixed ‘The Meg’ boss failing to attack when player keeps moving in any direction during the boss fight.
  • Fixed player failing to kill the boss while character is stuck in bleeding animation.
  • Fixed incorrect description of caught fish displayed when fishing.
  • Fixed redundant notification appearing when player catches a fish on a large island.
  • Fixed player unable to kill ‘Grouper’ fishes.
  • Fixed host or client getting stuck in an inaccessible area when host stands close to the escape island’s shipwreck wall.
  • Fixed player able to store spoiled meat in aircraft station.
  • Fixed aircraft water station taking all servings from vessels when objective complete.
  • Fixed player’s head missing after initiating escape cut-scene and changing camera mode to ‘Third Person’ during plane crash.
  • Fixed player able to access gameplay in the background of the ‘Go Home’ prompt when Player loads into the saved game using the ‘Go Home’ prompt.
  • Fixed missing SFX for hitting ‘Barrel/Buoy’ ball.
  • Fixed increased mouse sensitivity and other issues when player loses network connection while crafting placing mode.
  • Fixed player character moving at quick speed when ‘Move Vertical Axis’ and ‘Move Horizontal Axis’ functionality assigned to mouse controls.
  • Fixed control mapping of ‘Move Vertical Axis’ and ‘Move Horizontal Axis’ changing automatically when player proceeds into gameplay after applying the settings.
  • Fixed ‘Torch’ and ‘Switch Item’ key bindings overlapping.
  • Fixed ‘Boars’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed ‘Crabs’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed ‘Sea Urchin’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed long dialogue title texts overflowing/wrapping.
  • Fixed player able to save custom island with whitespace as name.

Known Issues

  • The order of items stored in storage can be replicated out-of-sync when the client joins an in-progress game. For e.g.: it’s possible for the client to see a Rock in their inventory and drop it, but a different item will be seen and dropped for the host. If you experience this issue, we recommend quitting and re-joining in the lobby for now.
  • Depending on the regional server load, sometimes joining an older session by code will not work.

any reason these notes weren’t posted to steam like they usually are? i feel like most players would like to have the update notes in their steam client as they update, as opposed to having to navigate to the forums (if they even know about the forums’ existence) in order to find patch notes.

further, should i expect notes for the PC edition to be exclusively on the forums from here on out, or was this just an oversight?

I will still be posting the patch notes to Steam. I was slow getting them up today as Steam requires a cover image which I hadn’t created yet… patch notes are up on Steam now :slight_smile:


Is there a fix for the sync save/world bug because I’ve tried every workaround I’ve seen so has my friend but we still can’t join eachother. We have traded off Hosting and still nothing. We can’t even get past the loading screen to play the game at all

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I still can’t join a game with another player, weather we are starting the game at the same time or I try to join one of their saves, the world sync percentage always gets stuck forever and the loading bar loop never stops. I’ve tried everything I could and I haven’t been able to fix this. Any ideas for a work around or am I doing something wrong here?

No It’s not you I’ve tried everything. Wait a few mins in game then have the person join,reset game,get past first day then join, reload save, new save, unistall then reinstall. My friend has also tried all this on his end and none of it has worked. We still get the sync save/world bug every time without fail.

@spinup, @Maximus, could you please give me some more information on your individual setups?

  • What regions are you hosting/joining from?
  • Is your friend on the same local network or remote?
  • Can you provide your internet speed please.
  • Check your firewall (router) NAT rules aren’t restricting connections.
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  • I tried hosting from all of the regions and none of them worked but I mainly used USA East.
  • We were not on the same local network.
  • My internet speed is currently 146 mb per second and her internet speed is somewhere around 10-20 mb per second.
  • I’m not able to check that at the moment but we were playing a different game together before and after attempting to play the game for a few hours or so.
    *Also the error always happened at the “Sync world” percentage when joining a game, it would go and get stuck at random numbers every time, for example the first it went to 14%, then 11%, then 17%, then 3%.
  • Also I went into the public lobbies page and tried joining every ongoing game from every single region and all of them were either declined or had the exact same issue.
    Please keep me updated on any kind of workaround that might work I’ve tried all of the ones I found in the forums that relate to this issue but they haven’t been working.

Thanks a lot for providing this info.

When this happens again could you please send your log file to our support email: contact beamteamgames com
and I will check it out. Include your username in the subject.

Find your log file here:

you have no problem, don’t play with your settings, the whole game is problematic, everyone playing strandeed deep writes the same problems, but the forum administrators react as if they are writing for the first time. you have no problem.

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im also still having issues with the sync/save world stuck on zero and so is my friend