[PC] Update 0.80.01 and some missing notes from 0.80.00

Hi everyone,

A new stable build (0.80.01) is live with some small fixes.

A heap of patch notes for the latest 0.80.00 stable update were also missed, so they’re included here and updated in the previous post - [PC] Update 0.80.00! New Item Piles and Storage Improvements!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Achievements unlocking out of order.
  • Fixed Sail audio not playing.
  • Fixed invisible Snakes for players with AMD cards.

Known Issues

  • The Tutorial will resume from the last saved state from build 0.80.00. However, save games pre-0.78.00 don’t have saved tutorial data, so will ‘resume’ from the beginning. It is safe to disable the tutorial from the Options->General menu.

0.76.00-0.80.00 Stable Change Log


  • Changed ‘Play’ button to enter New Game menu if no save game available to continue.
  • Changed Boat Motor to function as a rudder when out of fuel.
  • Changed Medical Consumables to refund Coconut Flasks after consuming.
  • Increased Meat inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Increased Fish inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Increased Fruit inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Added crafting placing controls on screen when placing.
  • Improved Pinned Crafting Combo display. Changed pinned crafting combo UI to display craftsmanship skill level required to avoid confusion when a player has all materials, but skill is not high enough.
  • Improved Watch feedback when displaying player Skills; Removed clamped values on skill bars making it easier to monitor skill progress.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Tutorial not resuming when re-loading. Please note this fix is not retro-active as old save files will be missing the completed objective data.
  • Fixed Projectiles (spears, etc) drifting out of player hands when held.
  • Fixed objects attached to Spears not saving if player holding spear.
  • Fixed being able to place Craftable objects inside terrain rocks. The crafting ghost will snap to terrain rocks for visualization but placing is not allowed. Foliage does not affect placements.
  • Fixed Loading Screen changing color between Boot and Main Menu scene.
  • Fixed Leaderboards list not focusing active leaderboard button when scrolling with keys/controller.
  • Fixed not being able to place Water Bottles when crafted.
  • Fixed not being able to rotate some Craftables when placing, ie: Shelter, Furniture, etc.
  • Fixed being able to place Furniture inside the terrain.
  • Fixed Foliage Spawner losing track of player if travelling too fast.
  • Fixed Rafts falling through other Rafts/pieces when crafting a new Raft piece.
  • Fixed Sea Anchor able to deploy when overturned.

For complete patch notes for 0.80.00 please see - [PC] Update 0.80.00! New Item Piles and Storage Improvements!