PC to console map porting

To make it more interesting for the ppl on console versions of the game it would be AWESOME if we could port/download player maps that have been made on PC. The creator on ps4 is not too bad but it would be nice to have different maps. The creator only makes similar types and it’s kinda stale. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to do either, just saying.

We’d need an updated to include all the map data that PC has

Figures. It’s funny how they release a game on psn network only to show no signs to their fans that the updates are coming. I understand it takes time and they are working on it. I dont care so much for new stuff I just think that the pc and console versions should be the same that’s all

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I agree that both should be the same, and that the devs should at least update their fans on things. I do hope all this waiting brings us console players closer to PC even give us insight of a next-gen upgrade which is need a lot. I believe the PC is their testing ground for any console revisions. Test things on PC, and get those bugs reduced then bring it to console later if at all.