[PC SteamOS][0.90][Multiplayer]Second Player loses connection

Second player loses connection every once in a while.
when e.g. eating spiled food, sailing to new island together, opening certain containers in placed structures
when this happens there is a good chance a seemingly unrelated storage box also vanishes


Settingsa few custom islands from the workshop

sure way to recreate: get a custom island with the 4 legged metal structure and open the containers inside

sometimes the hosting player has to quit and restart the game to make it reappear in the game chooser

Hi Robyxx,

Just want to let you know that there is a bug report regarding the second player losing connection at various times and the dev team is working on this and all other issues mentioned by players.

Me and a friend had the same issue so i left the game and tried to load in again and the j believe the save got corrupted because my raft was under ground and so was one of my smokers and it was a five by 3 with stick base and plank floor so it was really annoying and i was only on the world for less than 40 in game days

i forgot to mention that i’m on ps4 and i had a couple of custom islands and i was on one at the time of the raft being under ground along with the smoker