[PC-Steam][v0.90.00][Fish Trap] Cannot place fish trap (unless materials are in my backpack)

When I try to create a Fish Trap, it is available for me to make, but it remains red (un-placeable) and regardless of where I try to place it, it never turns white. I am able to make other things, and place them, so I know how to make things, but the Fish Trap doesn’t “place” (i.e., I can’t create it). The only way it allows me to place it if I have all the required parts in my backpack. So the bug is that even thought it allows me to try to place it (by using the parts near me), it actually doesn’t allow me to place it unless I had the required parts in my backpack.

There is no number at the bottom of my cartographer, but the Island I’m on is called Lower End Island and it’s v0.0

I have’t added any custom islands, but I have changed the video options from the default ones since I have a good PC.

This happens every time I try to make a Fish Trap, even if I exit and reload the game.