[PC-Steam][Birds] Birds (Seagulls) missing from multiplayer

I and a colleague (the Host) play the game (Multi-Player) and have visited a number of islands. We never see birds and traps never catch any of course. I also play single player and there the birds appear on all islands and the traps work. The birds are quite a loss as they are good food!

Settings are default, no custom islands, occurs every time from start to finish of the game.
PC reloaded, game re-loaded - to no avail. Food left for them, still no go :wink:
We both have the same lack of birds.

Stranded Ver:

They probably spawned in far enough away to were they got culled out

Also what about bats?

Bats are not birds. If you have a bat problem report it?

They pretty much serve the same purpose only no one cares about bats