[PC] [Steam] [9.8?] Many items are disappearing

I spent days creating a tropical paradise to use as my home Island. Now that I’m finished, I’d like to share the issues I am having In hopes to get a fix. Leaving my custom Island Is not an issue, but coming back home Is super laggy.
When I finally fight through It and land, It Is fine, but half of my items are gone. Crates, smoker, bed, tables, chairs, etc. As I have read, these are the same issues as the game has had for years. Looking through Steam, at other peoples Islands, I don’t feel that my Island Is “To Big”. My first try, leaving and coming back from an “In game” island, retrieving alot of the items I collected, I assumed I was just bringing back to much. So I made another bed, saved, and tried again, coming back with half of the items I tried to haul before… same thing, another half of my items disappeared! LOL

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Having pretty much the same issue

Thanks guys, we’re looking into this.

Hi Jypsy,

I’ve failed to replicate this issue so far.
How far are you going from your island and for how long?
Can you provide your specs as well as any further details about your custom island please?