[PC][Steam][][co-op] Player 2 having graphic issues?

Unsure if this type of issue has been seen before and or been resolved before.
Unknown on explanation or how to describe the issue. Multiplayer was working for myself and my friend, we have been playing the same saved game for the last month and went to play on it the other day I will attach photos of what he is seeing on his end, my end is fine

He has the latest and updated Nvidia Gforce


Have not messed with the settings and we did not add anything to the map

Unsure on what steps we did for this to happen.

We have tried the normal steps as far as reloads and new installs nothing seems to change why he sees what he sees.

Option → General → Interface
Hud Information → Item name
Crosshair → On
Item Highlighting → On

Our settings are the same under Option, he is still having the issue

Hi ZHGaming, I’m sorry to hear your friend is experiencing this issue with their graphics.

Can you confirm for me if they host their own game and/or if they play solo does the issue persist for them, or does it only occur when they join a game as Player 2? Or if you join them, does the same happen to you in reverse?

Would either of you have any mods installed?

You mentioned they’re up to date with graphics updates, and I assume as you don’t feel like this update was the cause they didn’t update their drivers recently?

It may be also worth them checking if their OS updated recently incase a graphics setting was changed in their system somewhere - eg: ensure their graphics card is being used in system settings.

It’s also not harm in checking their clock is synced. While I know this likely wouldn’t affect graphics, if it’s only happening in multiplayer for them, ensuring the connection between both of you is ok might help.

Thank you