PC, Steam,, Call Me Ahab trophie doesn't give when complete



General: defualt

Screenshot (95)|690x388
Audio : master 5%, all else default
Input: default


Have hung all boss trophies on the walls, does not give achivement. I have changed the 2 of the trophies names before placing the third. (just a thought.)

Let us see your crafting for the trophies to make sure you beat them first.

Ok, here are all of the trophies on the wall of my base, all hung up.

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Show the crafting for them for proof you gained them. Not the trophies. if you got the trophies, you’d gain the achievement.

oh ok that makes sense
lemme get a screenshot

here is the photo

Have you beaten the game before?
Also nice image

Hi Villagernico,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve not unlocked Call Me Ahab. I recall in a previous version, the trophies needed to be placed in the players backpack before the trophy unlocked for them (This is based on my knowledge of the Console version) .

Could you try adding them to your backpack and let me know if the trophy continues to fail to unlock? If so I will alert the dev team to this issue.

Thank you

Hi all. I have beaten the game once, but only in that world.

To claire’s idea, i tried that already. it didn’t work. thanks for letting the team know!


Hi @Villagernico,

Thanks for the report. We fixed some scenarios where ‘Call Me Ahab’ was not unlocking in the console version, but these fixes haven’t been integrated into the PC version yet. I have integrated them today so this issue should be fixed for you in the next patch.

Thanks! Great!