[PC Steam] [] [General/World] Items (containers) missing when returning from another island

Hi there,
recently I have installed the newest Version of StrandedDeep from Steam, and also added some mods from the Nexus, as well as some custom islands (see below). I have started on a default map/island (Seed 77416343, “Little Raging Sanctuary”), and soon started to check out two of the neighboring islands (both of them custom, the first to the SSW of the starting island is “Tora-Tora”, the other one is “Generous Alcove” (to the NO of the starting island). On each of these islands I stayed for 2-4 days/nights, did some scavenging and hunting, but only built a shelter, water collector and Smoker on each of them.
The mods and custom islands REALLY gave the game some great spice, and I was deeply into it and enjoyed the great atmosphere, it made exploring very interesting!..
I chose this third island (Generous Alcove) to be my first main base, with a little base camp in the center of the island next to some predecessor´s hut. I had about a dozen wooden containers there, one with clay, one with buoy balls, two with engine parts, two with various devices,…-you name it; quite a few things that I already had collectzed. I had most wooden containers in three piles with 2 to 4 chests each (fiddled them on top of each other). I didn´t want to build shelves yet, because I first wanted to build a proper hut. I also had three piles of wood logs near the beach, as well as a large pile of more than a dozen wood planks, because I wanted to start building the base camp near the beach as soon as I would have returned from another short trip to another custom island nearby (the fourth in all that I visited, “Alington Island”) to get more logs. At that point, I was maybe 12-16 hours into the game; it is sometimes slightly stuttering (maybe the custom islands, maybe the 2K-texture-mod?), but apart from the usual little quirks, everything seemed to work okay.

But when I returned to Generous Alcove, I first found several tyres spread over the beach, as if they had randomly been washed ashore (I left them sort of neatly together). When I got to my little camp, ALL of my chests were gone, as well as the kindling that I left next to the smoker on the floor; of my 3 log piles, two were gone as well, and maybe other things too…
I even went into Godmode (for the first time starting up and using the console) and flew over the island, because I read about that problem occuring years ago already, and one of the “solutions” apparently is to search in the very center of the island, where sometimes the things can be found again. But I did not find a single one of my chests…

Fortunately, I make a backup of my savegame after every few ingame hours; so one day later (i.e. computer being turned off in between) I loaded an older save from just before I left my “base” (Generous Alcove), where everything was of course still in place. I made again a short trip to my starting island and then Tora-Tora. I believe the very few things I had left in the two latter cases were still in place, among them a wooden container on the ground, and at least I didn´t miss anything (took most everything with me anyway), but I´m not sure if it was really complete… But when I returned to Generous Alcove again, I found already from some distance away that my tyres are spread all over the beach again, and in the camp almost everything was missing once more, just the same way as the first time. So the error seems to be fully reproducable.

It´s REALLY a shame - with the custom islands and the few simple mods this game is absolutely great; but with THIS error occuring, I have lost every faith into the game right now. Feels like it could happen anytime that things are just gone… Every time I change islands, there seems to be the possibility (in my case certainity?) that there might be a bad surprise and you lost part of your stuff.
To me, this is a game-breaking bug (although of course you can only say that to a certain point when using mods, but still…)! Sure, much can be replaced, but with rocks, clay or buoy balls for example it´s another story…

Memory leak? Too many mods (but reagrding these, everything seems to work flawless)? Too many custom islands (although I only ever got close to three of them)? Anyway, I did some reading, and this seems to be a bug that happened to quite a few people in the past already. Please take note that this error STILL OCCURS with the newest version!
It would be really great if it could be fixed somehow.

I have the following mods:

  • Custom Days
  • Custom Effects
  • Extended Labels
  • Farmable Palms
  • Fillable Barrels
  • Lazy Tweaks
  • StrandedDeep 2K-Mod (texture pack)
  • StrandedDeep LOD Mod
  • StrandedDeep Map Mod
  • StrandedDeep Raft Structures Mod
  • StrandedDeep Tweaks Mod
  • Toolbelt Fix

Also I have replaced around 16-20 of the generic islands with custom islands, amongst them more than a dozen where the island is in fact replaced with underwater landscape only (mostly several maps of the “Ocean Shallows”-Mod, but also “The Abyss” and one or two others). But I didn´t get near to any of them yet, I only have visited four islands altogether which are close to each other around the generic starting island.

Best regards, and thank you for reading!

I also went to another island and after the storm passed
When I returned, all the boxes containing the items were gone.
everyone is gone