[PC]{Steam][0.90][Co-op Gameplay] Repeated disconnect of non-host player

I joined my friend in a new game several days ago. The game worked pretty well in co-op with a few occasional kicks. As we built a raft the game started to get glitchy for me but not the host. With the first few raft parts we were able to drag the raft or move it on and off land. Once it got bigger I couldn’t drag it without horrible lag. The host player could move it and I would just lag a little.
At a certain point the lag got so bad if either of us moved the raft I would get kicked. So we stopped moving the raft at all.
Now if the raft gets moved even a little my screen stutters every movement. The kicks are to the point where we can’t play now.

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Thanks for reporting this ApacheChef.
Looking into it.

I’m having the same problem with moving the raft around. When I do it the lag is so bad that I barely understand if I’m moving the raft the way I supposed to but when the host does it (for now at least) it’s okay. Funny as it is I put the blame on my low stats PC, instead of thinking this could be a shared problem. As it is now the host can move the raft without problem but our raft is not the biggest. May I ask you how big the raft was when it started to be “unmovable”? When our raft was still small I didn’t have any problem of moving it around.

I think when we hit the 4x4 size with 3 sails I got to the point where it lagged ad kicked.

Hm, okay, thanks for replying! It’s about the same size as it when I started to lag. Now our raft is even bigger and my boyfriend starts to lag too. :confused: I think we’re not gonna expand it, otherwise I guess it’s gonna get unplayable.

I noticed after 18 hours of coop gameplay it became to the point where the other player would get disconnected more and more often. Seems to be as the more we progressed, built up a base and our raft the more It becomes unstable and starts disconnecting.

Having same issue, really a bummer, can’t really play the game ;/

same issue husband doesnt get kicked mostly hes host i get kicked

Experiencing the same issue – host moving raft lags the game for non-host, often resulting in disconnects. Non-host is unable to move the raft around at all.

having the same issue almost never crashes. pretty sad and hard to beat the game if you can only use a 1X3. hope this gets resolved. before this issue started I never had those problems.