[PC-Steam][0.90.11]Lots of Co-op bugs

I bought this game last week to mostly play on co-op with a friend. We’ve been getting so many bugs that the game is practically unplayable.

  • We’ve been having items randomly duplicate/disappear

  • If both players are holding the same item (ex - An axe) and 1 player drops it, the other player will phantom drop the item until they hot key between items.

  • Strange graphical bugs in some trees with lots of black shadowing and floating graphics

  • If player 1 lights a fire, player 2 will not see the fire or be able to interact with it most of the time.

  • Random sound bugs where the watch doesn’t stop beeping for player 2

  • If food is added/removed from a fire it will disappear entirely for player 2

  • If player 1 added food to a fire and it succesfully cooks, it will remain raw if player 2 removes it.

  • If player 1 drops cooked food on the floor, there’s a high chance it shows as raw for player 2

  • Boars will start floating around when attacked

  • If player 2 grabs the paddle things are going to get whacky, including the player not being able to row. If player 2 drops the paddle then it will just float off, or become unusable by player 1.

These are just SOME of the bugs we’ve encountered in less than 4 hours play time. I’m dying to get these things fixed because as a game it’s a lot of fun and I could easily see us sinking 50+ hours into this.

Does anyone know any ways to fix these game destroying bugs?

Are the devs aware of these issues?