[PC-Steam][0.90.00] Crafting Menu is not loading

When I start the game and reach the island I gather my first resources, hit tab to see inventory. Then I get the prompt to open the crafting menu. It does not open. Hit c - nothing, hold c - nothing.
I had Tobii eye tracker enabled at first - the radial inventory menu did not work with Tobii on so that was disabled.
I remapped the menu to other keys - no luck.
I reinstalled after disabling Tobii - no luck.
I deleted my saved game folder and restarted a new game several times - no luck.
I played solo as well as coop with a friend.
My friend has the exact same build laptop I have and it works fine on that machine. We are stumped.

Hi ApacheChef,

In input settings is there any chance you may have accidentally remapped the crafting menu binding?
Is the Tobii tracker completely disconnected as well as disabled?
Are there any other controllers/peripherals attached to your lapop at the moment? Try with all of those disconnected.
Considering you have typed the letter “c” here multiple times I’m assuming you are posting from your laptop and that key is working correctly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ideas. It’s a frustrating issue.
I intentionally remapped the key binding just in case it was the C, I even tried mapping to a mouse button with no luck.
The Tobii tracker can’t be disconnected, I have a laptop with it integrated into the monitor.
The only other device I have is the mouse.

It makes it even more crazy that I have a working game in the house running on the same laptop build where it fails to work.

As a matter of interest what is the model of the laptop?

When you say you deleted the save data, was it everything from the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep folder?

Would you be willing to disable the Tobii via the Device Manager (if you haven’t already disabled it this way)?

Finally got it!
Uninstalled the game once more - and deleted the save folder too just in case.
Uninstalled the Tobii game center and eyetracking software completely.
Then rebooted, and reinstalled.

I have Alienware 17R4 laptop running Win10.
Thanks for the support.

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That’s great news ApacheChef, glad you got it sorted!