Pc’s map editor to consoles

Is there any information about pc’s map editor for consoles? I mean atleast for the latest powerful consoles?

It’s now only available for pc, would like to know if they are planning to bring it to console?

Hi Geatano,

It is my understanding that the team currently have no plans to bring the new PC map size or PC map editor over to the Console version of the game. Piles was the last feature to be added to the Console version and now the team are working on Quality of Life updates and issues reported by players.

I will however pass this on as feedback to the team.

Thank you.

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Will creative mode ever be released on consoles? Especially the more powerful ones like the series X and Ps5? If so, when?

Will creative mode ever be released on console

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Hi there!

I cannot find any information about the map editor from pc, where you can built the island exactly how you want to, without any restrictions.

My question is, when are you planning to bring the pc map editor to consoles? Especially like me, who own the latest powerful xbox series x.

Can you give me any information, mayby a date? Or if you guys even planning to bring this to console? @Beam_Team

I’m waithing for your answer!

Thank you!

Hi again Geatano,

I moved all of your similar posts to one topic where I had responded. I do my best to get to posts as soon as I can. Please avoid posting the same or similar question in multiple topics (including older ones) and creating multiple topics of the same question in different sections.

Thank you.