PC Multiplayer Suggestions

Hello, i am not quite sure where i should post this so i wanted to ask first. I have made a few suggestions with regard to the new multiplayer feature in the game and would like to forward them for consideration with the intent to hopefully help build a better game for everyone. Please feel free to post these suggestions to wherever you feel that they may be appropriate. Thankyou in advance,
A few things i think would or could improve Stranded deep multi player game. 1: A gyrocopter with two seats for small sorties, EG: Rock replenishment etc. 2: Coconuts regrow on the trees, 3: Dead Food EG: Sharks would go off if not eaten 4: More options to grow different plants and farm resources 5: A map you would pull up at any time showing your location and home island although the cartographer map is still pretty cool. 6: Young trees growing into mature trees 7: More types of Sharks and interactive sea creatures 8: Banana Trees or Pineapple Plants 9: More than only two players allowed in Game 10: The player ageing 11: A printable map which you can modify and tick off places you have visited or farmed already. 12: Cross platform play similar to Fortnite. 13: An in-game chat option to allow players to communicate with eachother for purposes of getting Discord Details and Chat options on Mic 14: A spear with attachable light or light headset to free off one hand when hunting at night… Just a few thoughts i would share with the community for game improvement and future development perhaps?
Comments welcome. Thank you.

Hi McDave_McFurry, welcome to the forums

I just wanted to comment to let you know that I moved your comment to its own post so it does not get lost in the topic you posted in. I’m not sure if those “About” section topics are boosted in the same way on the forums when someone comments and I wanted to make sure other players see it too in case they want to comment on or add anything to your suggestions.

In future, please feel free to create a topic when posting in whichever section you feel is relevant and the team can move it if needed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you Clare, i appreciate the feedback and help very much.