[PC] Multiplayer Launch Update!

Hi everyone!

We’re super excited to announce that the next Stranded Deep update containing Online Co-op is rolling out tomorrow – 28th of September, on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox! You will now be able to invite a friend to join you on your island and share your Stranded Deep adventure. We’re thrilled to bring this widely requested feature to players and can’t wait to see how you tackle the islands together!

The release varies by region and platform so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. The number in the bottom left of the main menu will change to 0.90.00 for PC versions and 2071 for console versions once the update is installed.

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


Quick note - this update contains some fixes too! We’ll be sharing the patch notes soon in a seperate post :slight_smile:


Hi Clare,

How many players will be able to play Coop, I gathered only 2 ‘You will now be able to invite a friend’.
if this is the case are there plans to be able to play with more than 2 players?

I see it says Steam. So multiplayer will be for PC too? I want to play with my sister whos in Texas. But we do it VIA PC on Steam.

Is this a automatic update through steam?

Hi Tim, welcome to the forums!

Yep, this is 2 player. I haven’t heard plans to expand beyond that, but I can pass this on as feedback to the team for you :slight_smile:

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Hi Whoaaitsherr, welcome to the forums!

Yes Online multiplayer is for PC too. Before on Steam it was possible to play splitscreen together via remote play, but this will allow you to play together without haven’t to split the screen or one player requiring a contoller.

Hi Ajl22191,

I moved your post to the PC version of the announcement in case other Steam users have the same Question! The update should be automatic unless you have it set to “only update when I launch the game” in your settings. You can also change the update settings to high priority in the properties menu so Steam knows to update Stranded Deep first.

I saw your response. So that means i can play with my sister who is in texas (im in FL) ?

Yes that’s correct @WhoaaitsHerr :slight_smile:

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Will there be crossplay between Steam and Epic?

Can I crossplay with PC / PS5?

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I’m wondering the same, I figured they would have mentioned it in the post but I’m hoping it will be at some point at least!

Hi @OmegaConstruct, @Freiluftzombie and @SocialPanic

There is no cross play between versions for Online Co-Op.

so that means that if i have the game on steam and my friend on epic games i can’t paly co-op with him?

Hi Jakob, welcome to the forums!

That’s my understanding, however I will try to get confirmation for you.

I monitor a YouTube channel. The creator is constantly has a stream of this game going. The one question we always get is a multiplayer version whether on pc or console it does not matter. They are all hungry for that. It is really awesome that you have taken this step forward. It gets the game fresh and draws more people to it. Thank you very much for your hard work in creating the online version of the Co-Op. I really do hope you continue to expand on it. Thank you again.

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Hi Kelly, welcome to the forums!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I shall pass this feedback onto the team :slight_smile:

Not that much into MP myself, but i’m definately interested in the patch notes you mentioned…

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It said 28 September but it does not tell when, is it morning or afternoon and wich timezone? :slight_smile: im very happy the patch as been done but i wanna play it so thank you for your kind response.

EDIT** patch is online right now thank you

Sincerely Sam Fisher