[PC] Message from the Team, 2022-08-30

Hi everyone!

I have a short message from the team this week regarding what’s happening behind the scenes at Beam Team.

Firstly we want to thank everyone for their support for the release of 1.0 on PC. As mentioned in the 1.0 announcement the response to Stranded Deep completely exceeded expectations. Whether you’ve been part of the Stranded Deep community from the very beginning, or only just joined, thank you for sharing this experience with us.

I understand there have been some concerns around the community about this being it for Stranded Deep. But I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure players that while the game is feature complete, the team is still working on the PC version of Stranded Deep.

The team is committed to working on reported issues and making your game playing experience the best it can possibly be. I hope to have more details on specific community reported issues being tackled at a later date, but for the moment I can confirm that the PC team’s aim is still to focus on outstanding multiplayer issues initially, but rest assured for those who experience issues in single player or general gameplay issues, these will be addressed too.

A huge Thank You to everyone who’s reported details of issues they’ve experienced in the game. Because of the nature of survival crafting games, everyone’s gameplay style can be different. The details shared by the community can go a long way to helping the team isolate the causes of issues and help them find fixes faster.

If you have an issue you wish to report, please submit a new topic in the PC Bug Reports section of the forums. While we may not always get to respond to each report submitted, we do go through them and ensure the correct information gets to the PC team. By submitting them in this section, we are also able to link them to our reports we submit so if any additional information is added before we can update the report, the team can reference them.

I’ll post another update soon as things progress for the team.

Stay Alive!