[PC Game Pass][][Co op] Player 2 cant see items

My girlfriend and I just downloaded this on PC gamepass today, and played for several hours without a hitch. Things were going fine we were having fun, and building up our resources but after our last excursion we came back to our home island, and all of our crates are broken. She was host and now all of the crates on our island that I know were full of things are empty for me. In some cases the items are sitting on top of the crates, and can’t be interacted with. This bug is also affecting her. She can see all the items, but some she can no longer pull out. I saw there was a work around where the host can pull items out and put them back in, and that works for the items she can remove, but its not all of our stuff. A lot of items she can’t remove. We tried reloading the game, but it was still broken. The game has become super buggy now. She will be carrying something and I cant see it…Ill drop things and she cant see them. She built a shelf with 3 crates and for me I can only see the top and bottom crate…not the middle or the shelf. Its literally just 2 crates floating in the air. The biggest issue is the items though. Without being able to reliably access and store/retrieve items this game is unplayable unfortunately. Won’t be coming back to it until it is fixed because we can’t access all the stuff we spent 8 hours gathering today.


Thanks velourfog, looking into it.

Host message

@velourfog @Black Would you be able to send us your log file and save files? This would be extremely helpful as we are actively investigating the cause of this issue.

See instructions here:

If you could upload the files to your favorite file sharing platform (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) and DM me a share link that would be much appreciated.

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Stranded Deep

klik on Stranded Deep link :arrow_up:

My internet speed is download 1000mbs /500mbs upload
if my wife join a multiplayer and me as host she can’t not eat and use tools please fix it now it not playable
and we playing in Europa and we are from Denmark
and we use the same internet