[PC Epic][0.76.01]Unable to set or change player name from "Player 1"

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change my player name for the game. I’ve checked in the options, Options.json and various config files in the main game directory and the directory under AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep\ - etc.

All default


I have tried reinstalling the game - including removing all registry entries
I have looked in game options and the Epic Games account options
I have looked in all of the editable config and JSON files
I have looked in the Beam Team Games > Stranded Deep registry entry for Windows 10

All Windows, EPIC GAMES and other settings use my usual moniker: “Killerwig”… not sure where Stranded Deep is getting the “Player 1” player name from, but I’m guessing that it’s a default value.

Hi Killerwig,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting about this issue.
I’ll submit this issue to the dev team on your behalf