[PC][Epic][0.76.00][Game Launcher] Full Screen selection options not working

Once launched from the Epic Launcher the options for Game mode and Fullscreen mode are displayed. If nothing is changed on the window the game loads up in full screen exclusive as expected. If you change the option to borderless window (BW) it loads up as a small un adjustable window the same size as the options window.
Once you have selected BW it is not possible to make the launcher change back to exclusive. You still get the same options to do so every time you load the game but selecting the different options has no effect it will always load as a BW.

Switching between Exclusive and Borderless Window


  1. Launch game select borderless window option hit play. Game Loads as expected.
  2. Launch game select Exclusive window option hit play. Game Loads as BW not expected.


  • Reloading game multiple times with no change.
  • Restarting computer systems in case issue is with windows no change to issue
  • Re install of game produced same outcome.


  • Changing the Launcher.ini file has no effect. It is however being updated between the selected options.

Hi Bandy451,

Thanks for all those details.
Are you selecting DirectX or OpenGL mode?
If you Alt-Enter/Alt-Return when the game loads does this do anything?
If you could provide your specs including operating system, CPU, RAM and GPU models that could be useful.

Hi Night Snake,

DirectX was selected.

Indeed the Alt-Enter option is a solution / Work Around to the problem. You are able to get into the game and then change the graphics settings from there.
Subsequently if you do this and change the graphics in the options menu the next time it is loaded it remains the same.