[PC] Cannot connect to server

Bende bir PC oyuncusu olarak aynı hatayı alıyorum

Translation added by Clare using Google Translate
“As a PC gamer I get the same error.”


I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. As you are reporting a PC issue I moved it to its own thread in the PC bug reports section and will inform the PC team. I also added a translation to your post as per the rules and guidelines of the Forums, we ask players to please include a 1:1 translation in their post when posting in another language.

While I understand you’re experiencing the same error, I wanted to double check details about your own personal experience. I typically work with the console side, but this info may help the PC team in their investigation also.

Please let me know:

  • What version are you running?
  • Are you trying to host, or join a game?
  • If joining a game, are you joining a public or private game and do you know the person you are joining? / Is it always the same game?
  • Please describe your experience and what you see when you get this connection error
  • What, if anything, have you tried to resolve the error?
  • What are your PC specifications?
  • What Router and Internet service provider are you using?
  • Are you on a wired or wireless connection?
  • Are multiplayer sessions you are joining or hosting hosted in the same household for both players?
  • Has this occurred from the start of the game for you, or is it something that only started happening recently?
  • If it’s more recent, has there been any changes to your internet connection or hardware that may have triggered this?

Any additional information you can give me would be greatly appreciated and help the team in their investigation. It may also help the PC team provide suggestions on what else you can try to resolve this.

Thank you.