PC and Console cross play support

I apologize if this has already been asked (or answered elsewhere) but I have couple seemingly naive questions

  1. First of all, is PC and Xbox cross play possible? For example host the game on Xbox game pass for PC. And invite a friend who is on an Xbox.
  2. If the above is possible, then is it true that the host (on PC) can make as many edits to custom islands as desired, and the friend (on console) gets to enjoy the what is now a PC exclusive feature?

@Clare - Just wanted to tag to you to this post to solicit your comments. Appreciate your thoughts!

Hi sri_rav,

Sorry for my delay in responding to your post here.

PC and Xbox crossplay is not possible, it is my understanding that this is due to the PC version having some differences to the console version. I believe the biggest ones players would notice the cartographer and options available. PC has more customisation options than the console version does, and they also have a larger map with a different layout.

I do not believe there are any plans for crossplay to be added to the various versions of the game in the future.

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Thank you for your response, and clarifications, Clare.