[PC] [1.0] [Crops] At least potatoes are spoiling while growning wild

So Started new 1.0 game. Luckily, starting island had a couple of potato vines growing wild. Unfortunately, they spoiled after a few in game days while I was doing the basic starting stuff. Now, this isn’t going to affect planting them later (unless they despawn) but I can can issues if they’re used as a food source after planting in a farm spot.

Please verify that various crops are spoiling “on the vine” which they shouldn’t do.

Thanks darkthought, looking into it.
Can you remember how many days exactly?

I’m a new player of Stranded Deep, using PC Steam 1.0 version, and I can confirm I have this issue too. Vanilla islands, no mods.

I discovered my first potato on my starting island just after finishing the tutorial, so it was no later than day 2, and maybe it was still day 1. When I discovered this potato it was already spoiled.

It was only a couple of days. I noticed it probably by day 3 or 4.

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