[PC][][Multi]When I connect to HOST the game crashes after a few seconds

When I access a game made by someone else, after loading,
After less than a minute it crashes with this error screen.
What causes it?

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Hi Zopds,

I apologize for my extended delay in responding to your report.

I am sorry to hear you were experiencing this issue when trying to play Stranded Deep. If the issue persisted for you / did not resolve itself the next day, please let me know…

  • Were you trying to connect to a single person, or did you try to connect to multiple hosts?
  • If you were playing with one person in particular, did you confirm you were both on the most recent version of Stranded Deep?
  • Did you try restarting the game and your PC when trying to connect?
  • Were you able to successfully load into a game or did the game crash after loading without allowing you into the game?
  • If you were able to get into the game, do you know what the host was doing while you were trying to load in? Eg: sleeping, traveling between islands, in a boss fight, etc.
  • Did your or the host you were joining have any Mods installed? If you did and recently updated the game there is a chance this may have caused connectivity issues.
  • Have you ever been able to successfully load into a host game before this issue occurred?
  • Can you host a game yourself where others can join without issue?
  • Please let me know the details of your internet connection.
  • If you’ve never been able to join or host a game, have you checked your firewall permissions as sometimes firewalls can affect multiplayer connectivity for some games.

Again I am sorry for the delay in responding and that you were experiencing this issue. Please let me know as much as possible about your experience and multiplayer setup and I will pass it onto the team for them to investigate.

Thank you,