[PC][][Multi]Box container

Move from Start island to another island
When the storm passes and we return to the Start island,
box container where goods were stored
everyone is gone
I restarted it a few times but it disappears the same way.
In this case, you will not be able to play the game properly.

The same problem was found in single player.
There were no problems while traveling to and from the yellow circle island.
The problem occurred after a round trip to the red circle island.
You will not be able to play the game as long as this issue persists.
I hope you solve the problem quickly

Hi Zopds127,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ll need to check with the team to confirm with them if this is indended behaviour from the storm passing or an issue they may wish to investigate further.

Regarding your items, were the containers on container shelves or loose on the ground?

Did you have any other items on the ground outside of containers? If so, did they also disappear?

When you played the single player version of the game and the same issue occured, was this also after a storm or was the weather clear?

Do you have any Mods installed?

Any additional information about your gameplay setup and the items the disappeared would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team to investigate further. Thank you.

Written using a translator.

There have been two attempts so far.
In both cases, storms occurred.
All containers were lined up horizontally on the floor.
Lathes were not used.
In addition to containers, meat, canned food,
There were various items, including a container containing logs.
The same thing happened in single player.
Mod Manager 0.27.7
Stranded Deep LOD Mod 0.0.12
Stranded Deep In-Game Map 1.0.5

reinstalled the game.
I am testing by reinstalling the mod manager and mods one by one.
Mod Manager 0.27.10a
In-game map 1.0.5 installation in progress
So far, everything is going smoothly.

After installing LOD mod

I think the LOD mode is the problem.
After installing the LOD mode, the in-game map mode also works abnormally.
There were also frame drops throughout the game.
And on the way back from a trip to a distant island, a storm broke out.
When I returned to the starting island,
All containers containing items have disappeared.
And the empty containers, stacked four stories at a time, collapsed and scattered in the wind.

Hi Zopds127,

Thank you for sharing that info. Unfortunately as Mods are created by other players, we cannot offer support to get them working.

It is possible that if the mods have not been updated following the recent PC update, this could cause issues to occur where they did not occur before.

It sounds like you’ve narrowed it down to be occurring the LOD mod. You may wish to uninstall this mod and play for a while to confirm.

If you uninstall all mods and the issue still persists, please let me know and I will follow up with the team, but unfortunately I cannot offer much assistance otherwise.