[PC][1.0.17][Steam] Full Controller Support? Nope, not really

The game doesn’t actually have full controller support.

Today a lot of gamers are turning their old PC’s into livingroom gaming consoles, using Steam Big Picture or some equivalent interface to launch games and play them with a controller.

Unfortunately, the first screen the game launches into says “Press Return” and there’s no way past it without a keyboard function, this means that either a keyboard or keyboard emulation is required every single time the game is launched.

Then if it is the first time launching the game, controllers have to be manually enabled with mouse functions, which either requires extra hardware or overlay mouse emulation.

This isn’t full controller support. Full controller support means you can launch the game with a controller and play it with a controller without ever needing a mouse and keyboard.


I actually find it easier to play with mouse and keyboard… The joystick input is a little poor and could do with refining…

Its funny really as every other game, I head straight for the controller…

You can’t play split screen co-op with a mouse and keyboard and in my living room I’m using my old computer as a local gaming console, it automatically launches Steam Big Picture and I navigate it entirely by controller and only have controller supported games on the local system.

A game with full controller support isn’t supposed to require other inputs, it’s supposed to be entirely operable with a controller, that’s what the full means.

But yeah the controls could use some refining.

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