[PC][1.0.17][epic store]&[xbox game pass]

Well after this game did support coop and multiplayer, i have decided to test it with my wife. So i did install it and connected and things went nicely till i have decided to close the game and continue on another day. So i have tried to login but it doesn’t seem to find the saved game.

So me playing using epic store and she is playing on her pc using epic store. I did save the game before i quit but the game didn’t load, i had an option to continue the game, but it took me to a page where i need to create a new one.

So i have thought maybe something wrong with Epic store in saving my game and uploading it into the cloud, because everytime i did run the game i got a message that the game is not saved into the clouds and got error.

So i have decided to try the xbox pass version, worked similar and no error this time about cloud but still the game can’t find the saved game.

So i went to see if the game did save anything, i see data_MP_Coop.json 819kb, no idea if that is the right file, this one is in slot0.

Would love to play this game with my wife, i just don’t want to repeat everytime i join the game.

Open for solutions and if none for now and need to wait for the next update, it is fine, i do understand this is a new feature to the game and coop normally break or fix a game :slight_smile:

Edit: I forgot to mention we use the same ip just different computers.


so nothing no tricks or tips how to fix that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your mp save will look like you’re starting a new game but it’ll load just fine.

Yea i have just saw a youtube video about that, you are correct, came back here to post it, maybe the next update they will fix it. Thanks though for helping :slight_smile:

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