[PC] [] [Environment/Movement] Character can't step over 3 inch obstacle when under a roof

Now I know exploring shipwrecks is dangerous and all, but getting stuck in a room because the character can’t step just a couple of inches higher over an obstacle is kind of overboard on the danger. But really, I got stuck in a room because I was unable to step over an obstacle that was only a couple of inches tall. If you want pictures or video, I can provide those. It’s actually kind of funny. Not full on LOL, but a little chuckle.


The only setting changed was the world changed from “existing” to “random”

While inside a shipwreck with debris on the floor in front of a door that leads to a one way in/out room.

The only thing I can do is avoid the area which is doable, but sad because the room has some cool stuff in a locker and would be nice to have. This is a game mechanic issue as the character is unable to step over the object or even allow for a crouch jump over it. I don’t think there’s really any way around it other than avoid the area.

its kinda cheating, but there may be no other potion than to open the developer console and turn off clipping.

Yep. I know about that. I don’t mind workarounds until a fix is in, I just think they need to know because that can be a killer for someone’s experience.

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