[PC][0.90.11][passive animals] reloading game makes animals aggressive

When changing save file (that was started in passive mode) or opening the any save file from desktop, passive mode deactivates and animals are suddenly aggressive. Passive mode will work if the game isn’t closed or a different save file loaded.

The only change in settings was briefly going into third person, then back to first. I recently reinstalled the game, loaded a previous save (day 25) and all animals were aggressive (being poisoned, spontaneous shark attacks’ etc.) as they would be on aggressive animal mode - whereas this game was made in passive mode.

A new save on passive mode worked until I closed the game and reopened the save the next day, it was also then aggressive.

I restarted and updated my PC, verified game files multiple times via steam and the same thing persisted.
Please help I love this game but I can’t take sharks coming at me :frowning:


YES! VERY frustrating! Love this game, but wont play until its “safe to get back into the water”

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Thanks Dandyfirl6, a bug report will be submitted on your behalf.

I’m also getting this persistently. It’s really frustrating as I love the game, but find it really frustrating as you play in one setting and find it just resets itself and suddenly you’re getting attacked out of the blue.


I am having the same issue with this. It’s super disappointing because I love this game but having it on passive made it truly a gem for me. I hate the stress of the animals attacking. really hope this can get fixed, it’s made the game not worth playing for me.


While I’m not affected by this bug since I play on “normal”, I have a related suggestion. Tone down the aggression of the animals a bit, especially the sharks. They act like they are out there to hunt you down. Real sharks are not that aggressive. They attack humans rarely and when they do, it’s typically by mistaking us for their usual prey.


Any updates on this? It looks like it’s a pretty prevalent issue for some people.


Not only has this happened to me when I select passive animals but when I started a game in creative it became survival after I logged back on. I hope it gets figured out pretty soon. I’m more of a relaxed gamer and I don’t like killing all of the time.

Did you know the oceans are salty because of the tears of all those misunderstood sharks? :smirk:


Mystery of the ocean solved… I always wondered where the salt came from! :laughing:

Please fix this bug. Looks like it’s been around for ages. Makes the game unplayable for me

I’m having the same issue and I believe I’ve found a work around for this. Start or continue the save file (passive) you would like to play and it will load in with aggressive animals. Quit to the menu, load and apply another save file. Then load back and apply the save file (passive) that you want to play. Start the game and it will load in passive mode. Don’t know if this has been posted elsewhere. Either way it has worked for me everytime.

Thanks for that - struggling to follow though! Can you repost it as a bullet point list with specific file names for readability? Thank you! :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize before but the save file i was using was creative mode, the animals were still aggressive but I took no damage when being attacked.

I am also having this issue. I love this game; however, this is extremely frustrating and annoying. Can you tell us if this problem being looked into?

If playing on Steam / PC, rolling back to v0.8 is a reliable work around for me, but it’s certainly not a fix. It’s a big bug and it’s sad it’s not been addressed yet, or even a progress report.